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HTC: Leading The Exodus To Decentralization

Decentralization seems like the promised land for cryptonauts, and HTC’s new smartphone is trying to lead the way. In an announcement today the company revealed the full release of the Exodus 1, which can now be acquired for fiat currency.…

IOST Launches Mainnet With 150 Partners

Competition is heating up in the blockchain space. IOST, a blockchain project oriented towards the Internet of Services, has launched the first application-ready version of its mainnet, with an expected throughput hundreds of times faster…

Video: Is IOTA Fast Enough To Catch Up?

In today's Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at a crypto project that doesn't use a blockchain at all: IOTA. Although IOTA made a big splash in 2017, it's currently struggling to recover as prices and confidence in the DAG-based…

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