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Bitfinex Announces Two New Dexes

One of the biggest problems facing crypto is the barriers to entry. Although blockchain transactions are easy enough, getting your money on the blockchain is a different story: buying a new token with fiat can involve two or three sets of…

Weekly Roundup, Sept 14: Groundhog Day

Do you ever feel like the news isn’t new? Sometimes we wake up in the morning, eager to see what the new day has in store, and realize that it’s not a new day at all. It’s yesterday, and we have to put up with Andie Macdonald... sorry,…

Does Jimmy Song Know What Fiat Money Is?

On Monday, while most of the cryptocurrency world nervously watched as markets sank, an even bigger disaster was unfurling in the Mediterranean: the debate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, on the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise. Thousands of…

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