Darren Kleine

Darren Kleine
Darren Kleine is based in Alberta, Canada. Fascinated with distributed ledger technology and the widespread implications it has for societal change, he loves researching new blockchain projects. Darren has been a mathematics teacher for years, and considers writing about cryptocurrency to be his new creative passion.
Ron paul wants to abolish the fed

Ron Paul Wants To Abolish The Federal Reserve. Let Cryptocurrency Do That Instead

The greatest threat to America’s democracy might not be the Russians, according to former Congressman Ron Paul. In an episode of his weekly Freedom...
electroneum users can now pay crypto for mobile services

95% Of Brazilians Can Now Pay For Mobile Services In Electroneum

You can now top up your mobile phone with Electroneum (ETN) - if you happen to live in Brazil. A new integration with the...
Zimbocash fights hyperinflation using TRON token

Zimbocash Seeks To Fight Hyperinflation With TRON Token

Look up “hyperinflation” in the dictionary, and you'll probably find a picture of Zimbabwe's 100 trillion dollar bill. The country has become an unfortunate...
JNT could use blockchain to connect investors and startups

Jibrel Network Could Turn Middle East Oil Wealth Into Tech Startups

Oil-rich economies of the Middle East and North Africa are looking for ways to diversify, and the Jibrel Network (JNT) is leveraging blockchain technology...
cryptocurrency mining are asics causing centralization

Cryptocurrency Mining: Are ASICs Causing Centralization?

You can’t really discuss the topic of cryptocurrency mining without getting into issues surrounding the concept of centralization. One of the greatest aspirations of...
CoinMarketCap Introduces Liquidity Metric In Bid To Increase Data Transparency

CoinMarketCap Introduces Liquidity Metric In Bid To Increase Data Transparency

CoinMarketCap is changing things up. If you're wondering why your favorite altcoin is still ranked at three-hundred-something, you're probably not alone. Ranking projects is a...
switzerland retailer to use food blockchain

Switzerland’s Largest Retailer To Track Groceries On TE-FOOD Blockchain

If you live in Switzerland, blockchain technology could become part of your next shopping trip. Migros, the largest Swiss retailer, is implementing a “blockchain-based...
shorthop hops into eight more states

ShortHop Hops In To Eight More States

Add another fiat on-ramp to your crypto shopping list. Initially rolled out to residents in California, Washington, and Illinois, the ShortHop "exchange of exchanges"...