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Crypto Wipeout: Who Are The Big Losers?

The market has decided to test the already fractious nerves of investors and plunge in value. Crypto price sites are a sea of red right now; it's like November never ended...Cryptocurrency's total value practically went off a cliff at…

Is Bitcoin Recession Proof?

A global recession, like the one economists predict could happen next year, will put cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) in high demand, a new report has suggested.Analysts at the cryptocurrency prime dealer, SFOX, said a global…

Steem DApp Growth Exceeded EOS Last Month

Few blockchain platforms would even dream of a 4,600% increase in their number of dApps. But the decentralized sharing network Steem (STEEM) now has those bragging rights, for last month anyway.More than forty decentralized apps - dApps…

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