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Blockchain technology will change the world. This isn’t hyperbole – this is fact. Since humans became human, we have traded our time, services, and goods. And since the dawn of history, we have relied on imperfect methods of tracking those transactions. Which is why we have contract lawyers.

But blockchain technology finally delivers genuine trust to the business of business. With an immutable digital ledger, we can see what really happened when Tom, Dick, and Harriet made a deal – and who kept their side of the agreement.

Blockchains and smart contracts will literally change the way we interact as a species – and perhaps humanity will even do better, when our truths (and lies) are laid open for the world to see.

IOST Countdown To Mainnet Launch Adds 30 Percent To Market Cap

IOST Countdown To Mainnet Launch Adds 30 Percent To Market Cap

A mainnet launch still has the power to move markets, as evidenced by a double-digit gain in IOST's price earlier today - and a 30%...
ethereum price rises before hard fork

Ether Price Surges Ahead Of Constantinople Hard Fork

The excitement surrounding this week's Constantinople hard fork has provided a much-needed boost for the Ether (ETH) price. Trading volumes suggest recent movements have...

An A-Z Of Blockchain Use Cases

Does your company have a New Year’s innovation resolution? 2018 brings an incredible opportunity to take part in the next technological revolution — where Blockchain Technology...
NPR CryptoKitties epsiodes suggest the Planet Money team is now hodling digital cats

NPR CryptoKitties Shows Introduce Millions To Blockchain Cats

Ethereum may be in the dumps, but CryptoKitties are reaching a nationwide audience. The Indicator from Planet Money, a podcast on markets and economics...
Verasity joins Binance Chain

Verasity Becomes Another Link In Binance Chain

Verasity, the attention-based platform for video rewards, has flown Ethereum's coop and moved to Binance Chain. The OG smart contract platform continues to feel...
bitcoin cash could help Ethereum scale

Can BCH Help Ethereum Scale?

ETH 2.0 is just around the corner -- or at least that's what many imagined. But waiting for Ethereum to scale is a bit...
Blockchain vaccine supply chain managament by VeChain could help prevent measles and other diseases

If Blockchain Can Save A Kid’s Life, Will Paul Krugman Be Satisfied?

Studies suggest people with anti-vaccine sentiments - 'anti-vaxxers' - are on the rise. Refusing treatment is a growing trend in America: in states that...
Millennium Blockchain And ImpactPPA Deliver $3M Earth Day Present

A $3M EarthDay Present For ImpactPPA

When you're four billion years old, you might prefer to just forget your Earth Day completely. But in a world plagued by ocean garbage...
Ethereum Constantinople upgrade

Ethereum Maps Route To Constantinople And Beyond

The Ethereum community is preparing for a hard fork, as the next step on a road that will ultimately leave mining behind. At block height...
Ark Deployer Allows Blockchain Development In Under Three Minutes

ARK Deployer Lets You Launch A Blockchain In “Minutes”

Ever wanted to become a blockchain pioneer? It might sound intimidating, but you don’t need to be a developer or a programming expert to...
Decentralizing the Dollar Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoins

Decentralizing the Dollar: Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoins

Decentralizing The Dollar is a three-part series on stablecoins, each addressing one of the three key methods postulated for tying a stable cryptocurrency to...
Ethereum Myth Busted Apples To Oranges On 51% Percent Attacks

Ethereum Myth Busted: Apples To Oranges On 51 Percent Attacks

Recently, Richard Gendal Brown, CTO of Corda, published an argument that Ethereum is not prepared for enterprise adoption because of the recent 51% attack...
Blockchain Beware DAG And Block Lattice Are Here Nano IOTA Holochain

Blockchain Beware: DAG And Block Lattice Are Here

How often has the average cryptocurrency investor heard “blockchain, not bitcoin” ramble across their feeds? Or now, “bitcoin, not blockchain?” Often cryptocurrency is heavily associated...
Iota could fly after coordicide

IOTA Gets Ready To Fly After Coordicide

IOTA (MIOTA) is about to commit coordicide. No need to dial 911, it's not as morbid as it sounds. The IoT-powered project is moving...
Sex Industry Poised To Penetrate Cryptocurrency

Sex Industry Poised To Penetrate Cryptocurrency

In many ways, the sex industry is the perfect use-case for cryptocurrency. Discretion is valued by customers and suppliers alike, who don’t always want their...

Radar Relay Targets Tokenized Shorts

There’s good news for Dr. Doom—you can now make money when crypto crashes, without needing to go through Augur or a centralized exchange.  Radar...

Enjin Mint Lets You Tailor Your Own Tokens

Ever wanted your own digital coin for a social club or business? Enjin (ENJ) on Thursday launched Mintshop, a digital minting platform that creates customizable...
Blockchain ad tech promises to make advertising more transparent and eliminate fraud

Blockchain Ad Tech Can Solve Online Advertising’s $20bn Problem

With over 600m websites and 4bn active users, nothing beats the internet when it comes to exposure. Companies spend more of their advertising budget...
Top crypto coins that don't make the CoinMarketCap Top 100 - Request, Kyber, Civic, Polymath

Top Crypto Tokens That Aren’t Even In the Top 100

Crypto is going through some corrections, but that doesn't mean the market is becoming any more rational. The fact that Dentacoin (DCN) is still at #70...
Bitcoin Cash SV history why it was created.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, And Bitcoin SV: A Brief History For Crypto Dummies

With Bitmain's return to the limelight and Craig Wright's appearances in continuing legal drama, old Bitcoin rivalries have been flaring up again lately: Bitcoin...

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