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Crypto Briefing is a truly independent blockchain voice, and we’re looking for cryptocurrency journalists and blockchain researchers / analysts.


Our model is as successful as it is innovative. We’ve organically grown a media property that serves hundreds of thousands of readers per month – and a research business that delivers exceptional due diligence and investment grades on blockchain projects.

The foundation of our work is not dictated by advertisers – because we have none.

Instead, we are VC-funded by some of the top funds in the world, who believe in our mission and our model. Over two years we have built value and trust, becoming one of the most well-respected media outlets in our space by adhering to strong ethical principles.

We have never accepted a sponsored story, free tokens, ads, or any other form of payment – nobody pays to play in our sandbox.

Growing our news and research team is part of our ongoing commitment to providing insightful, actionable intelligence for our readers and subscribers.

That’s why we’re looking for the most outstanding talent only.




As a news writer / journalist for Crypto Briefing, you’ll deliver engaging writing that caters to a highly-intelligent audience. Our readers are early adopters, blockchain innovators, and crypto newbies: the common denominator is that they’re hunting for smart and informed work.

We have openings for both journalists (original research, data analysis, etc.) and content writers (primarily scouring social media and other secondary sources for stories).

What we are looking for in a cryptocurrency journalist or news writer:

• The ability to select intriguing news stories and locate primary and secondary sources.

• A willingness to promote your own pieces through our social media channels.

• Knowledge of best-practice SEO techniques.

• The ability to assist the publishing team in preparing the work for WordPress.

• Exceptional attention to detail and fact-checking skills.

• Demonstrable writing expertise in business markets.

• An understanding of journalistic ethics, and ideally, U.S. First Amendment rights.

• A strong interest in, and aptitude for, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

• The discerning ability to add a little irreverence and a clever headline to a news item.

• NOTE: We are not currently looking for opinion or feature writing, how-to guides, or reviewers. We’re hiring for the news.


Instructions for submitting your application – please read carefully, as we guarantee that 50% of the people who apply for this position will not bother.

And therefore, following these simple instructions automatically puts you in the top half of the candidate pool.

Send a link to your LinkedIn profile if you use one.

Send links to THREE work samples – if unpublished, host them somewhere. On Medium is fine.

We will NOT open any documents, PDFs, or any other attachments.

In the body of your response, tell us why you are interested in crypto and blockchain; what you can offer our readers; and how you will find stories and sources to become immediately valuable to our company.

That’s three separate questions.

Send your application to EDITOR at CRYPTOBRIEFING.COM

Please use the subject line ‘Cryptocurrency Journalist’ and your name.



– A competitive salary.

– An opportunity to work remotely with one of the best US companies in the field.

– Challenging and interesting assignments.

– An opportunity to study the industry from within.

– Growth opportunities within the company.

If you are interested in a role in which you can build a career and your skill set, we want to hear from you. But please visit our site to see what we do before applying.



We do not currently offer a benefits package outside the USA – unless you count working from home in your pajamas, possibly in Phuket and possibly in Kansas. Seems like a benefit to us.

We look forward to your application – or share this page with a friend!


We advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into mainstream life, and we are committed to equal opportunity and inclusion.