Freelance Journalist


Your Role

We’re looking for freelancers who are interested in contributing high-quality content to Crypto Briefing. In this role, you’re expected to regularly contribute insightful, original content to the publication on a weekly basis.

The ideal candidate would have specialized domain expertise, a high standard of writing, and be comfortable writing under tight deadlines.

What is Crypto Briefing?

Crypto Briefing was founded during the 2017 crypto-boom to highlight the builders and call out the scammers. We went on to raise $2 million in late 2018. From its origins in New York, Crypto Briefing has grown into an organization that spans every time zone.

Now, Crypto Briefing and its research division SIMETRI (the opposite of ‘asymmetry’) aims to give retail investors the same privileged look into the markets that insiders have. We’ve systematically evaluated hundreds of coins to deliver profitable insights to our subscribers and continue to report on the emerging trends in the industry.


  • At least a one-year involvement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
  • Two years of professional writing experience and a knack for explaining complex concepts simply.

Bonus Points

  • A degree in journalism, finance, mathematics, computer science, or law.
  • Prior experience working in media companies or high-growth startups.
  • Comfort interacting with smart contracts and sending and receiving crypto payments.
  • Ability to work independently and remotely during peak hours U.S. Eastern Time.
  • Skills in Python, R, or SQL for interacting with and interrogating on-chain data.
  • Experience using Excel and Tableau to create attractive data visualizations.
  • Domain knowledge of cryptocurrency mining, DeFi, or smart contracts.