Code Reviews

Unlike most crypto analysts, we make a specific effort to delve into the code of the blockchain projects we review. We may not always get unfettered access to the private source code, but we are often granted a sneak preview of the tech – which is analyzed by our resident blockchain code expert, Andre Cronje, a software developer and architect for over 20 years.

Our code reviews of public GitHubs are especially helpful for those who are seeking to do serious due diligence on the projects they are considering backing – but as always, please read the disclaimers and remember that we are not offering financial advice, just providing a service that we hope will be of use to the savvy cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Spacemesh Code Review - Proof of Space Time Blockchain Consensus

Spacemesh Code Review: PoST Consensus

Actually quite hard to describe from their website what this Spacemesh code review is all about. A post on their page talks about the...
Vite Code Review Decentralized App Platform ICO by Crypto Briefing

Vite Code Review: Decentralized App Platform

Thought it would be worth visiting Vite, quite a few people talking about it so here's your Vite code review. Always interesting when the...
Hero Node Code Review by Andre Cronje Decentralized Fog Computing ICO

Hero Node Code Review by Andre Cronje

Fog computing won't be familiar to everyone, so the Hero Node code review here will be a little out of the ordinary and maybe...
bloXroute Technical Review and Analysis by Andre Cronje of Crypto Briefing

bloXroute Technical Review By Andre Cronje

Today, let’s look at bloXroute, a network abstraction layer for blockchains (plural). Their focus is to create an agnostic infrastructure that can be leveraged...
Haja Networks OrbitDB Code Review Decentralized P2P Database

Haja and OrbitDB Code Review

OrbitDB has been in development for some time, a peer-to-peer database for the decentralized web, now got some VC funding from people like Polychain...
Enecuum Code Review ENQ Blockchain of Tomorrow

Enecuum Code Review of the Blockchain Of Tomorrow

One MILLION transactions per second! Directed Acyclic Hypergraph! PoS PoA PoW! Yeah, this is starting to sound like an episode of Star Trek, not...
Stegos Code Review Privacy Platform For Decentralized Mobile dApps

Stegos Code Review: Privacy Platform For Decentralized Mobile dApps

Stegos is a completely private, confidential, and scalable cryptocurrency that’s friendly to the environment. At this point I’m tempted to say these guys are OG...
Block Collider Code Review and Audit

Block Collider – Blockchain Code Review And Audit

Before we get to our Block Collider (NRG) code audit, let's take a moment to examine the concept. Block Collider, the blockchain that consumes other...
Dexon Code Review dApps Blockchain Platform

Dexon Code Review: dApp Blockchain Platform

Dexon Code Review - sounds like an oil company, but no! Surprise, it's the 'premier blockchain platform for developing dApps'. Might be news to...
CPCHain Code Review - IoT Blockchain Sidechains

CPChain Code Review – IoT Sidechains

CPChain (for Cyber Physical Chain) is a blockchain for the Internet of Things. Since IoT transactions are expected to be a key use-case for...
Chainspace Code Review - Sharded Smart Contracts - Review By Andre Cronje For Crypto Briefing

Chainspace Code Review: Sharded Smart Contracts

Chainspace is a platform for creating a distributed web of blockchains that - like many before it - seeks to create the Ultimate Answer...
IRIS Network Code Review - interoperability blockchain on Cosmos

IRIS Network Code Review: InterChain Service

The IRIS Network is named after the Greek goddess Iris, who is apparently the personification of the rainbow and the faithful messenger between heaven and...
OneLedger Code Review Business Modularization Atomic Swaps

OneLedger Code Review: Business Modularization

OneLedger introduces us to the concept of business modularization in blockchain, which is a fancy way of saying that it aims to bridge decentralized...
Coda Protocol Code Review - Scalable Decentralized Blockchain

Coda Protocol Code Review: Ultra Compressed Blockchain

Coda Protocol code review, wondering if their claims make any sense. Over here, look! The Ethereum blockchain, currently 667GB! And over here, Coda... which...
GEO Protocol Code Review Internet of Value

GEO Protocol Code Review: Internet of Value

It's definitely odd that no matter how serious the whitepaper... no matter how much the font choice wants to look serious and bookish... no...
Republic Protocol Code Review - Dark Pools

Republic Protocol Code Review: Dark Pools

Republic Protocol and its dark pools aim to facilitate transactions on a hidden order book. There are clear benefits for high profile individuals, whales...
MultiVAC Code Review All Dimensional Sharding Blockchain

MultiVAC Code Review: All Dimensional Sharding

MultiVAC is an interesting project that merits attention. Andre Cronje peeks at the public repos in his code review.
Apex Network Code Review Scalable Consumer dApps

Apex Network Code Review: Scalable Consumer dApps

Not going to even mince words in this Apex code review, it's clearly not necessary or even well-executed, but they have great graphics on...
HYCON Code Review Infinity Platform DAG SPECTRE Consensus

HYCON Code Review: SPECTRE Consensus Algorithm

HYCON is building the Infinity Platform, simple enough for anyone to build their own customized blockchain, guess I'll be out of a job. A lot...
QuarkChain code review - High-Capacity P2P Transactional Blockchain System

QuarkChain Code Review: High Capacity P2P Blockchain

I’ve previously written about Quarkchain. What I saw back then was good. I still have my reservations on cross-shard transactions and the implication on...

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