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Code Reviews

Unlike most crypto analysts, we make a specific effort to delve into the code of the blockchain projects we review. We may not always get unfettered access to the private source code, but we are often granted a sneak preview of the tech – which is analyzed by our resident blockchain code expert, Andre Cronje, a software developer and architect for over 20 years.

Our code reviews of public GitHubs are especially helpful for those who are seeking to do serious due diligence on the projects they are considering backing – but as always, please read the disclaimers and remember that we are not offering financial advice, just providing a service that we hope will be of use to the savvy cryptocurrency enthusiast.

GEO Protocol Code Review Internet of Value

GEO Protocol Code Review: Internet of Value

It's definitely odd that no matter how serious the whitepaper... no matter how much the font choice wants to look serious and bookish... no...
Beam Code Review Mimblewimble Evolved

Beam Code Review: Mimblewimble Evolved

Beam code review, interested in this one for a while and really want to see what they're doing to improve Mimblewimble. Quick recap for...
OneLedger Code Review Business Modularization Atomic Swaps

OneLedger Code Review: Business Modularization

OneLedger introduces us to the concept of business modularization in blockchain, which is a fancy way of saying that it aims to bridge decentralized...
Spacemesh Code Review - Proof of Space Time Blockchain Consensus

Spacemesh Code Review: PoST Consensus

Actually quite hard to describe from their website what this Spacemesh code review is all about. A post on their page talks about the...
Essentia Code Review - Andre Cronje on Data Interoperability ICO

Essentia Code Review of Data Interoperability ICO

OK, what are we doing today? Quick Essentia code review, it's a data interoperability ICO, some funny terminology here - "Essences" are data owners,...
Ankr Code Review Distributed Cloud Computing

Ankr Code Review Distributed Cloud Computing

So this is an Ankr Code Review, not an ICO review, but that's not going to stop me from looking very carefully at the...
CPCHain Code Review - IoT Blockchain Sidechains

CPChain Code Review – IoT Sidechains

CPChain (for Cyber Physical Chain) is a blockchain for the Internet of Things. Since IoT transactions are expected to be a key use-case for...
COTI Code Review DAG Based Payments Solution Currency of the Internet Decentralized or Distributed

COTI Code Review: Currency Of The Internet DAG

Taking a look at COTI with my code review today. White label payments solution, high throughput claims, custom stable coins, wants to revolutionize the...
Seele Code Review and Audit

Seele Code Review And Audit – Neural Consensus

The Seele Neural Consensus Algorithm has been getting everyone riled up for a while, and I've performed a Seele code review before - but...
Aergo Code Review by Andre Cronje Customizable Enterprise Blockchain 4.0

AERGO Code Review: Customizable Enterprise Blockchains

We had a good look at this one about a month ago, figured it would be worth sharing the AERGO code review around a...

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