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Crypto 101

Our Crypto 101 section is devoted to the basic principles of buying and selling tokens – although the information is often quite advanced.

If you want to know how to choose a crypto wallet, or buy safely on an exchange, or what leveraged trading is… you’ll find plenty of answers in our introductions to cryptocurrency right here.

Is Ethereum moving away from ICO and switching to DAICO?

Is Ethereum Switching To DAICO?

Raising money from Main St. investors has come a long way from the days of Initial Public Offerings. From IPOs to Kickstarters to ICOs......
How to spot a pump and dump group - and avoid their scam

How To Spot A Pump And Dump (And Avoid It)

The cryptocurrency market is home to many different scams, but few are as insidious and as frustrating as “pump and dump” groups. Drawing from...
Polymath brings ICO compliance to KYC and AML laws

Resistance Is Futile: ICO Compliance Here To Stay

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a largely unregulated means for companies to raise capital without undertaking the costly and legally intensive process of an...
Crypto taxes are inevitable - what should you give the IRS and why?

Crypto Taxes Are Not As Hard As They Seem*

Crypto Tax: An Introduction As a serial entrepreneur - from pizzas to real estate - I know what entrepreneurs go through on the long journey...
Crypto Wallets 101 - How to store your cryptocurrency safely

Crypto Wallets 101: How To Store Cryptocurrency

Crypto wallets are necessary for getting into Bitcoin, or any other digital asset. Before you consider trading cryptocurrency on an exchange or buying cryptocurrency...
Bitcoin The Undisputed Heavyweight Champ of Cryptocurrency for 2017 - but for 2018?

Bitcoin: The Undisputed Heavyweight Champ

Could Bitcoin retain its position as the most valuable and widely used cryptocurrency in 2018? Some of the foremost crypto analysts in the world...
Ethereum The Challenger to Bitcoin

Ethereum – The Challenger

Ethereum has remained a staunch competitor to Bitcoin since launching in 2014. The brainchild of Russian-Canadian programming mastermind Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum dramatically broadened the...
NEO - The Dark Horse in the BTC vs ETH vs NEO challenge

NEO: The Dark Horse

NEO, like Ethereum, is a complex ecosystem and is far more flexible than Bitcoin. While Ethereum and NEO share some similarities, such as the...
Crypto and cannabis - best buds forever?

Crypto And Cannabis: Best Buds Forever?

Crypto and cannabis have captured the public imagination over the last year or two. Both are new, both are often profitable, and both pit...
Legend of Satoshi Puzzle finally solved and 4.87 bitcoins claimed

“Legend of Satoshi” Puzzle Finally Solved

In September 2014, a Bitcointalk user going by the username of Ty13rDerden posted the final piece of a puzzle referred to as "The Legend...

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