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Crypto news served fast and fresh. Our crypto ticker covers funding news, mergers, acquisitions, product launches, partnerships and other important cryptocurrency news you may have missed.

Dash Community Elects Trust Protectors To Oversee Development

Dash, a payments-centered cryptocurrency project, has just announced the results of the first election of the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust protectors. Six community members...
investorID makes it easier to buy security tokens

InvestorID Makes It Easier To Buy Security Tokens

Security tokens are the newest wave of blockchain-based innovations to traditional financial products. With the launch of investorID, a decentralized application for identity verification,...

NODE40 Expands To Accomodate CPAs

NODE40, a blockchain-oriented accounting software, will help CPAs simplify accounting and bookkeeping services and cater to cryptocurrency clients right in time for tax season.
Soma raises 1.2M for Stellar marketplace

Finnish-Backed SOMA Raises $1.23M For Stellar Marketplace

Blockchain social marketplace startup SOMA completed its first funding round this week, securing 1.1 million euros ($1.23 million USD) to accelerate its operations, including...
BSV Supporter Vows To build his own exchange

Bye Bye Binance: BSV Supporter Vows To Build His Own Exchange

Crypto exchanges are lining up to delist Satoshi's Vision, but at least one exchange will continue trading. Jack Liu, founder of multi-currency payments app...
Qtum launched unita, an enterprise blockchain platform

Qtum Launches Unita, An Enterprise Blockchain Solution

Qtum has just launched a new blockchain solution for enterprise adoption. The new project, dubbed Unita, is a fully automated data storage and transfer...
crypto school coursera

Crypto College: Coursera And INSEAD Launch Online Blockchain Class

Business graduate school INSEAD is partnering with online education platform Coursera to create a blockchain-focused curriculum, aimed at transforming those with zero technical experience into crypto pros.
Former Danish PM joins Concordium as advisor

Former Danish PM Becomes Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain has caught the attention of some powerful figures, but we can't recall a single instance of a former prime minister leaping into the...
Dash Partners With Cryptobuyer To Reach Retailers in South America

Dash Expands With Cryptobuyer To Reach Retailers in South America

Dash, a top 15 cryptocurrency with a focus on payments, has announced a new milestone in its partnership with the largest crypto broker in...
mile high labs puts cannabis on blockchain

New Partnership Brings Blockchain To Cannabis Industry

Blockchains have strong potential for both growing and established industries, such as supply chains. Now, Mile High Labs, and Chain.io have collaborated to bring...

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