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DARE Digital Asset Reports

Our Digital Asset Report & Evaluation tools (DARE) are designed to help investors and other stakeholders to see where the project team has kept their promises, and how their roadmap is evolving.

Some crypto businesses become dormant after the initial feverish activity around their launch – and some teams simply get their heads down, work hard, and use the funds they have raised to create a product with long-term potential.

We aim to distinguish between the two, to help illustrate where we feel that the team is excelling – and where they might be falling short. Do your own research, as always… and use these DARE reports as a research tool.

Our DARE methodology can be found here.

Please note that reports created before October 2018 pre-dated our current research tool, and do not contain the depth of information seen in our most recent reports.

Waves Digital Asset Update February 2019 DARE

Waves Digital Asset Update Report: Feb 2019 DARE by Crypto Briefing

Waves Digital Asset Report: February 2019 Update In the past two months Waves has had a number of significant events and has rebounded in price...
IOTA Digital Asset Report and Evaluation DARE by Crypto Briefing

IOTA Digital Asset Report And Evaluation (DARE) By Crypto Briefing

Our IOTA Digital Asset Report and Evaluation examines the blockchain that isn't a blockchain - a DAG that uses a completely different consensus mechanism...
0x DARE Initiation and Update 1 Digital Asset Report and Evaluation by Crypto Briefing

0x Digital Asset Report And Evaluation – Initiation Review

As an open protocol for asset exchange, 0x ultimately aims to support an ecosystem of interconnected exchanges and dApps that benefit from the network...
Steem Digital Asset Report Evaluation and Cryptocurrency Token Report by Crypto Briefing

Steem Digital Asset Report: Token Review And Investment Grade

Steem Digital Asset Report: Introduction Steem is a blockchain that targets the social media sector and enables users to monetize their content. The blockchain is...
Promising progress towards Evolution leads to a bumped grade

Dash Digital Asset Update Report: March 2019

Dash Digital Asset Report: March 2019 Update Since the fall of 2018, Dash has taken some massive steps forward. The project continues to be focused...
Zcash Digital Asset Report and ZEC Token Review and Investment Grade

Zcash Digital Asset Report: ZEC Token Review and Investment Grade

Zcash Digital Asset Report: Introduction Zcash’s genesis block was mined in October 2016, since then the cryptocurrency has aimed to provide enhanced privacy and security...
Dogecoin Digital Asset Review

Dogecoin Digital Asset Report: DOGE Token Review and Investment Grade

Dogecoin Digital Asset Report: Introduction Dogecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the blockchain industry. However, this project was conceived as a joke,...
DeCred Digital Asset Report and DCR Token Review and Analysis

Decred Digital Asset Report: DCR Token Review And Investment Grade

Decred Digital Asset Report: Introduction Decred is a payment coin that was developed as an alternative to Bitcoin. It developed several essential features such as...

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