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Dragonchain (DRGN) Token Progress Report


Dragonchain provides enterprises a turnkey blockchain integration solution that includes features such as data protection, easy smart contract development and a hybridized architecture.

The platform itself is serverless and leverages AWS to scale. The serverless architecture also allows a means to address the high priority issue of data protection demanded by enterprises, giving them the ability to maintain complete control over their data.

Dragonchain is also built to be developer friendly, using common programming languages such as Java, Python, Node, and C#.

SIMETRI Research

It’s important to note that Dragonchain initially came into existence through an incubation program at Disney. As a platform designed by developers at a Fortune 100 company, it’s no surprise Dragonchain possesses many features designed to streamline integration with enterprise users.

In 2017, the Dragonchain Foundation was established with the goal of advancing the platform as its own blockchain integration platform.

Dragons (DRGN) are a tokenized license for interaction with Dragonchain commercial platform services. They are used to access all features on the Dragonchain platform. DRGN token is required to launch nodes, utilize smart contracts, and access the incubator dashboard. Furthermore, the tokens reward individuals or organizations for running both public and private nodes.

As Dragonchain aims to create an entire ecosystem based on the platform, DRGN tokens will also be used to support projects in the DragonFund Incubator. DRGN holders also have early access to technology and data in addition to token purchase privileges for ICOs launched on Dragonchain.

Dragonchain Proposed Roadmap

The milestones of the roadmap until now were:

  1. October 2017- Launch ICO
  2. November 2017- Token distribution and launch of Look Lateral ICO Presale
  3. December 2017- Launch Second Incubator ICO Pre-sale
  4. January 2018- AWS Serverless platform, common API for all supported languages, launch third incubator project ICO presale
  5. February 2018- Dragonchain Foundation Developer Academy Pilot Program (contract development workshops and training)
  6. March 2018- launch of the commercial serverless platform on AWS
  7. April 2018- Reference Proof of Work Implementation, Smart Contracts Library, Currency & Block Aggregation Protocol

Dragonchain Project Business and Product Development Progress:

While sometimes delivering a few weeks later than planned, Dragonchain have consistently reached the milestones as laid out on the roadmap. It’s evident that the team are aggressively developing the platform and have demonstrated reliability with their progress thus far.

April represents a critical point in the product development process with the launch of the beta version of the AWS Serverless Platform, which is the core component of Dragonchain platform. How the team develop the platform from here according to the needs of early testers will prove crucial for future adoption.

Beyond the launch of the platform itself, Dragonchain’s scaling and growth strategy is rather comprehensive. The roadmap includes a developer program, ICO incubator and plans for a commercialized dashboard and marketplace. This strategy is designed to provide a multitude of pathways for scaling the ecosystem.

One encouraging sign in particular has been the response the Dragonscale incubator program has received so far, with hundreds of projects vying for support in the first round. The team announced in March that the next round of funding will soon commence, attracting a new set of projects.

Our Verdict on the Dragonchain (DRGN) Project

Enterprise-oriented blockchain platforms represent a quickly growing trend in the ICO space, and Dragonchain is one of the early players. As a platform incubated by a Fortune 100 company, Dragonchain represents one of the only platforms actually created from within a large enterprise.

Between the attractive features of the Dragonchain platform itself and the number of ICOs coming out of the incubator program, the prospects for DRGN look good.

While the roadmap indicates the push for partnerships will begin later on in August 2018, we see this as a sensible strategy to first focus on building a strong platform and ecosystem before pitching to larger players. Released on April 5th, the beta platform puts Dragonchain a big step ahead the lion’s share of contenders targeting the enterprise market.

While the reception of the beta platform remains uncertain at this early stage, the successful track record of the project so far gives us an indication that more positive developments are to come.

We will be adding adding DRGN to our position.


Learn more about the progress of DRGN Token from our Telegram Community by clicking here.

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Published: 4/7/18

Token Name: DRGN

ICO Date: Oct 2, 2017

Raised: $22 million USD

Crowdsale Token Ownership: 55%

ICO Price:  1 DRGN = $0.055 USD

Current Price: $0.66 USD

Token Return: +1,094%

Market Cap: $157,248,806 USD



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