How To Work With Crypto Briefing

Working With Crypto Briefing

In case you’re not totally familiar with Crypto Briefing and SIMETRI Research, we’re writing this quick guide for three reasons:

  1. To explain a little about us – what we do, and why we do it.
  2. To explain how we work without advertising or sponsored stories – ever.
  3. To invite you to work with us in distributing your news and updates.

What We Do, And Why We Do It

Our co-founders, Han Kao (CEO) and Jon Rice (Managing Editor) met in a Telegram group two years ago, as we each became more actively involved in cryptocurrency. We were both dismayed at the lack of transparent media and research sources – particularly the ‘pay-to-play’ media landscape – and we decided to do something about it.

We launched Crypto Briefing at the end of August 2017, with a mission to advocate for our industry, and for inclusion.

On day one we decided we would not accept advertising or sponsored stories; we would not take tokens from crypto projects for promoting them; and we would eschew short-term opportunism. We have never broken that promise.

As we grew, we were able to raise $2M in seed funding from some of the top blockchain investment funds in the world.

We’ve been judicious in our use of those funds, and we’ve carefully built a roster of talented writers across the globe. A list of those writers and how to contact them is at the bottom of this post.

Our Business Model

Time and time again, we’ve been asked how we can possibly operate without ad revenue, without charging for a news product, and without ‘shilling’ projects. It’s the norm, right?

For most companies, yes: but Crypto Briefing is only one part of our company, the public face – featured on Bloomberg Terminal, NASDAQ, Google and Apple News, Blockfolio, TradingView, Delta App, CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, CoinGecko, NewsNow, and dozens of other news sources. 

Behind the scenes we have developed SIMETRI Research; built by a team of a dozen analysts and researchers who have created a world-class digital asset research framework.

SIMETRI is our business model.

We have believed, from the beginning, that it’s not enough to claim that we’re independent and objective.

We think that news and research companies earn trust: it’s not given freely.

So for two years, we’ve built Crypto Briefing into the only specialist cryptocurrency media outlet that can truly claim that it owes nothing to advertisers: only to readers.

We launched our paid subscription to SIMETRI Research earlier this month, and we’ve had tremendous feedback – not to mention incredible support from the community.

Which means that the future is bright for Crypto Briefing – we will remain 100% independent, ad-free, unsponsored… and we will even release our SIMETRI highlights to readers (at no charge) after subscribers have had time to digest the information.

An Invitation To Work With Us

Let’s talk about news, ethics, and crypto journalism in general.

We all know how hard it is to make any money with a media outlet – sadly Breaker ceased publishing recently, which was a real loss to our community. (We loved their long-form content.)

And unfortunately most of us in the crypto world know exactly what to expect from some of the outlets that compete for attention in this business – embargoes that mean nothing, insider trading, leaks, paid content masquerading as real news.

(We get literally dozens of requests every day to include paid content in the publication. It’s why we learned to use canned responses in Gmail.)

Meanwhile, it sometimes seems as though the world is against our industry. Regulators, incumbent players, banks, social media platforms – our community is attacked, repeatedly, by external forces.

And now, even within the crypto media space, we have certain people on a rinse-and-repeat Twitter cycle of slandering project leads and their businesses – and who then have to apologize and wipe their feeds clean every week.  

Let us explain WHY we have these policies.

We don’t break embargoes because your news… is your news. If you give us time to prepare an article in advance, we appreciate your time and cooperation – we won’t turn around and slap you in the face by disregarding your embargo.

We don’t accept paid content because we don’t want to be in the pockets of advertisers – or anyone else – and because our readers deserve better.

We don’t publish stories based exclusively on anonymous sources because we are in no position to trust the motives of every operator in this industry. A New York Times journalist who has developed a long-standing, trusted relationship with a White House insider? We can understand that. A rumor found in a Discord group and presented as fact by a reporter trying to stir up controversy for views? Not interested.

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And speaking of views – we’re proud of the fact that 500,000 or so people read Crypto Briefing’s articles every month. But we’re not obsessed with it. Views are what advertisers care about. We don’t have advertisers.

We don’t play “gotcha”. It’s an a popular tactic these days – latch on to a quote taken out of context, and refuse to allow the source or interviewee to clarify. We don’t do it, because not everyone in our space is trained in how to deal with the media.

We are advocates for our industry, and we respect your right to talk to us off-the-record, and your right to clarify your comments. We’re not here to punish you for a slip-up.

And we don’t trade on insider news because it’s illegal. Ask Martha Stewart.

How To Work With Us

As a news and analysis business, we aim to provide much more than rewritten press releases. While we love breaking news, our role as advocates means that we try and offer more than simple announcements.

In fact one of our key goals is to offer the context and perspective that helps our readers understand the news.

For example, as we all know, partnership announcements are not always what they seem. Sometimes a partnership is a trial. Sometimes an integration. Sometimes it’s just a rumor. We try to help readers make sense of what an announcement like this actually means in the real world.

We also look to educate, so that our content makes sense to the non-crypto enthusiast wherever possible. Sometimes that’s tough, but more often than not we are able to lend a little extra context that explains why this project’s Proof of Stake consensus is different from that project’s Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism.

To do this, we often need a little time – so if you have news, and you’re looking for more than just a touched-up press release, give us a heads-up.

Send us an email, explain your news and how it fits into the larger community. Contact details are below.

Help Us Help You

Try, try again

Please don’t be offended if we don’t pick up your story. We have limited resources, and we are pitched dozens of stories every single day. We can’t reply to every single email – it would take us all day. Please, just try again next time. We love persistence!

Off-the-record and background

We allow sources to talk off-the-record and on background. Here’s the difference: when you talk to us, the default setting is ON the record. Anything you send us in writing, in any format, is also ON the record.

Off-the-record: We understand that not everything you tell us is for public consumption. Whenever we’re speaking or having an interview, you can always request that some information is kept off-the-record. We will respect your wishes.

If you truly slip-up and accidentally reveal that Google is about to buy your company, we’ll be fair – throwing you and your business under the bus is not what we do. We are not merciless view-hounds. We are in this industry for the long-term – we don’t burn sources and connections, we don’t look to create distrust in our sector, and (again, it comes down to this) we are not driven by advertising – so we can turn down the opportunity to sensationalize.

On background: We are talking to you without using your name or company at all, but we value the context you can provide to our reporting. It’s the equivalent of an anonymous source – but we will only use background information to support a story, not to build an entire piece.

Time, please

We try and write good stories that offer context and perspective, but this can take time. If you send us a press release 12 hours before an embargo is lifted, we may not be able to pick it up – there are other outlets that specialize in 150 word Twitter-style pieces.

Also, please do not offer us an embargo that’s different from the time you offer another publication. That’s about the biggest no-no in the industry.

Corrections and clarifications

We may discuss certain technical issues with you before publication, but deadlines are tight in this business and we may not have the opportunity. While we make every effort to provide accurate information, we operate in a nascent industry at the crossroads of technology and finance; mistakes will happen.

When they do, we ask that you immediately contact us via [email protected] with a clear description of the error and a published reference to the correct information. If no such reference is available, please outline your request for clarification. We will update articles as quickly as possible and note the update at the bottom.

We do not share articles for ‘approval’ before publication.

Share, it helps!

This may seem obvious, but since we have spent two years building Crypto Briefing with a total marketing budget of less than $100 (yes, one hundred dollars) we rely almost entirely on organic reach to grow the audience.

If we write about you, sharing our content gives you more exposure and gives us valuable new readers. We appreciate it.

The most obvious thing we can possibly say…

There are negative, reactionary, draining people in every industry – just as there are forward-thinking optimists.

At the risk of sounding like a self-help book… try being nice.

We are more likely to come back to you for commentary; to listen to your pitches and news ideas; to feature your company… if you’re simply polite and a pleasure to work with.

In Conclusion

Crypto Briefing is unique, and we designed it that way.

Ad-based models are old news.

We built our media company to demonstrate that the values we bring to our research are real.

Independence, transparency, honesty, inclusion.

We’ve written over 2,500 stories about cryptocurrency and blockchain over the last two years – and published dozens of research pieces, including some of the most advanced code reviews ever made available to the public.

And we’ve done so while building a sustainable, long-term business that doesn’t depend on ad revenue, sponsored stories, or pay-walling our news content.

This is our message:

Don’t offer to pay us: we won’t take it.

Send us your news, engage with us on Twitter, join our Telegram group.

Talk to us.

We’re trying hard to be a force for good in the cryptocurrency world.

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