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VeenPool is selling a crypto exchange

Want A Crypto Exchange? EzoPay Is Yours For $380K

Have you ever wanted to be a big-time exchange owner like Brian Armstrong or Changpeng Zhao? Well, today could be your lucky day: for...
Brock Pierce buys a church

Brock Pierce Buys Church With Crypto Mortgage

Just when you thought April Fools' day was safely behind you, the blockchain space throws out another headline so wacky it seems to have...
David Schwartz of Ripple Slays April 1st With Totally Ad Lib Routine

David Schwartz of Ripple Slays April 1st With Totally Ad Lib Routine

The worst thing about April Fools’ Day is reading the statements of serious business people and wondering if they can be taken seriously. Yesterday...
IOHK tramp stamp

Why is Cardano Full of Weird Names?

Charles Hoskinson is on a charm offensive. In the run-up to this months’ summit in Miami, the IOHK founder is crisscrossing the world, from...
Justin Sun Tron Nobel

Breaking: TRON Founder Nominated For Nobel Prize In Economics

Justin Sun, the founder and public face of TRON (TRX), has been nominated for the Nobel Economics Prize in what could become a watershed...
Justin Sun Tron Giveaway

Colossal Flustercluck As Tron Tesla Giveaway Explodes In Fiery PR Disaster

The TRON (TRX) project has always sparked mixed feelings within the crypto community. True believers see it as the wave of the future, while...
Justin Sun Twitter Followers May Be Real Human Beings And Not Bots

This Just In: Over Half Of TRON Founder Followers May Be Real

Justin Sun's Twitter followers may be real human beings - or at least, some of them. That's the astonishing conclusion reached by a statistical...
Santander Inadvertently Claims To Use XRP Hilarity Ensues As The Bank Doesn't Know Its xCurrent From Its xRapid

Santander Inadvertently Claims To Use XRP: Hilarity Ensues

An erroneous tweet from Santander UK caused a brief stir of excitement in the loins of XRP fans when news filtered out that the...

U.S. Marshals REKT: Seized Bitcoin Would Now Be Worth $500M

The U.S. Government missed out on a more than half a billion dollar opportunity. Figures released by the website Bitcoin Seized suggests that had...
spend doge on tinder

Swipe Right: You Can Now Spend Dogecoin On Tinder

Valentine's Day is to Tinder what Christmas is for Amazon: lucrative. The dating app, which allows one to find soul mates with a singular motion...

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