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Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token news and BAT price updates, plus developments in the field of blockchain digital advertising.

Zcash CEO Defends Brave In BAT Scuffle

It's not often that you hear of crypto founders standing up for one another, especially after a year marked by infighting and hash wars. So when one CEO sticks up for another, it proves that there are builders out there who are not only out…

Coinbase Lists Basic Attention Token

Coinbase has confirmed that the Basic Attention Token will be the next token to be listed on the platform, with trading to begin within hours.  In a blog post published today, the San Francisco-based exchange announced that BAT would join …

Could BAT Be The Next Coinbase Listing?

A Coinbase listing is often held up as the crowning achievement for a project. This is partly because the exchange keeps its assets exclusive, but also because it is the most popular fiat-to-crypto platform. Listed tokens are automatically…

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