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Electroneum Wants To Be The Next PayPal

The instant mobile payment platform Electroneum (ETN) is ambitious: it wants the world and it wants it now. So it seems with its latest announcement that it hopes will improve ETN adoption, to turn it into one of the world's largest payment…

Electroneum Powers Up KYC Compliance

One day, you might not need ID to buy beer…if you pay with Electroneum, that is. The mobile-payments-focused protocol recently announced itself to be the first KYC-compliant digital currency, adding a layer of transparency and diffusing…

Electroneum (ETN) Token Progress Report

Electroneum (ETN) aims to take cryptocurrency to the masses - to make crypto easy to trade, easy to transact, and even easy to mine (sort of). This is attractive to an investor as it will obviously apply a strong pressure to the demand for…

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