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Covering news relating to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the globe.

Survey: Crypto Still Too Scary To Send Home

Cryptocurrency is making headway in the field of cross-border remittances, but most people still find it too intimidating for regular use. A study by Clovr found that although 15% of respondents had used cryptocurrency to send cross-border…

eSports And Casual Games Race To The Blockchain

We’re by no means oracles at Crypto Briefing, but the future usage of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the video game industry looks as inevitable as the marriage of internet and gaming. It wasn’t that long ago that most video games were…

Crypto Meets Yahoo In Online Quiz Show

It’s not easy to understand blockchain technology. Some people spend hours poring over cryptic white papers, or studying complex video explainers, or even taking online classes. In Taiwan, it’s a bit more fun: just play a game. Contentos…

Electroneum Wants To Be The Next PayPal

The instant mobile payment platform Electroneum (ETN) is ambitious: it wants the world and it wants it now. So it seems with its latest announcement that it hopes will improve ETN adoption, to turn it into one of the world's largest payment…

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