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Covering the SEC, the CFTC and other United States regulatory bodies with an interest in cryptocurrency regulation.

SEC: AriseBank Execs Agree To Pay $2.6M

Two executives behind an alleged ICO scam will have to pay a hefty fine, in a settlement that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hopes will send a message to the crypto industry. Jared Rice Sr. and Stanley Ford of the former crypto…

CFTC: Taking It Slow With Ethereum Futures

It's been a year since the CFTC gave a regulatory green light for bitcoin futures and ether futures could be next. But this time around, the agency is taking its time, as evidenced by a recent request for input on the third biggest…

Hoskinson: SEC Will Crackdown on EOS

The public face of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, believes the chief developer of the EOS platform will face a significant backlash from regulators - particularly the US' Securities and Exchange Commission - over their $4bn ICO, which he…

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