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Covering weird cryptocurrency news – because here in the crypto world, why so serious?

Weekly Roundup, Sept 14: Groundhog Day

Do you ever feel like the news isn’t new? Sometimes we wake up in the morning, eager to see what the new day has in store, and realize that it’s not a new day at all. It’s yesterday, and we have to put up with Andie Macdonald... sorry,…

Meme On: How to Make a Joke Coin Last

Between the dramatic drop in the possibility of imminent alien enslavement, and the SEC giving Ethereum the thumbs-up, there’s a lot to celebrate in the headlines. But as the champagne popped and the fireworks started, there was one thought…

Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin BITCOIN!! So Sue Us.

Vitalik, we’ve got to talk. It has come to our attention that your foundation has been using the “Ethereum” mark for several years now. However, my company has owned the “Ethereum” trademark ever since we registered it last week. Since we…

Blockchain Ideas With That Special WTF Sauce

Blockchain ideas are a dime a dozen right now, and entrepreneurs have scrambled to fill every available niche. There’s blockchain insurance, a Bitcoin pawnshop, and various contrivances to chain up anything you can imagine—including a few…

Why Bitcoin Is Awesome For Drug Dealers

Bitcoin drug dealers are all the rage! Important people are endorsing Bitcoin regularly as a fantastic way to build a narcotics-based empire, and so in this article, I'll examine the many benefits of using digtial currencies to facilitate…

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