SIMETRI Profits of 919%
SIMETRI Profits of 919%


FCA Invites UK Crypto To Sign Up For Mystery Regulation

It appears the UK’s financial watchdog is laying the groundwork to regulate crypto as it starts requesting blockchain companies to register with them. The catch is these companies will need...

XRP vs. The Ripple Rug: Which Is A Better Investment?

With interest in cryptocurrencies on the rise, many prospective investors are returning their attentions to Ripple Labs – the company best-known for strongly promoting the XRP cryptocurrency token and funding...

Decred Struts Privacy Credentials With Surprisingly Awesome Rap Snippet

Street cred, meet Decred. For reasons we don’t entirely follow, the crypto OG has released a short-form rap track to help announce its new privacy credentials. Because hell, why not?...

Santorum-Backed Catholic Blockchain Looks To Entice Younger Users To Crypt. Wait. Crypto.

Every time you think the craziest moments in crypto are behind you, another ghost of 2017 returns to haunt the cryptocurrency markets. We’ve already seen the improbable resurrections of BitConnect...

Want A Crypto Exchange? EzoPay Is Yours For $380K

Have you ever wanted to be a big-time exchange owner like Brian Armstrong or Changpeng Zhao? Well, today could be your lucky day: for the price of a small London...

Bitcoin Lays A Glorious Shining Trail Straight To Russian Intelligence (ahem…)

Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous, and at least some Russian hackers are complete morons. Those are the two key takeaways from the Mueller Report (and some other political stuff, I...

Brock Pierce Buys Church With Crypto Mortgage

Just when you thought April Fools’ day was safely behind you, the blockchain space throws out another headline so wacky it seems to have been drafted on a Mad-Lib. According...

IBM Didn’t Break Blockchain – It Took It to the Next Level

After a long week in Las Vegas, I finally headed home to reflect on all the new releases and information inundating CES. Press conferences, demonstrations, exhibit meetings, and so many...