Conor Maloney

Conor is a blockchain journalist with thousands of published articles on cryptocurrency. He is fascinated with decentralized technologies and their potential to improve our everyday lives.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Identity


    Many leading companies within and throughout the blockchain space are ramping up their efforts to decentralize user identities. Though promising, users are now faced with many different decentralized identity solutions...

  • O3 Swap: A Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator for Tomorrow’s DeFi


    The DeFi space is booming, with total value locked soaring to new all-time highs in May 2021. With more and more liquidity entering the space, the issue of interoperability becomes...

  • Rebel Group of Locked Account Holders Complain of “Binance Hell”


    A group of concerned Binance users has contacted Crypto Briefing with a document containing dozens of unresolved support tickets, a closed loop of customer service bots to navigate, and hundreds...

  • Hedging Against PoS Risk and More With DSLA Protocol


    Reliance on third-party service providers creates risks for end-users in sectors from blockchain and internet services to transport and logistics. All too often, there is little to no recourse when...

  • Binance Launches Zero-Commission Stock Trading, Starting With Tesla


    Leading digital asset exchange Binance announced the launch of zero-commission tradable stock tokens, starting with Tesla. The feature is being rolled out with the help of CM-Equity AG and Digital...

  • No-Fee NFTs Save Immutable X Users $400k in 24 Hours


    The Immutable X L2 NFT marketplace launched yesterday on Apr. 08, making gas fees totally free for users. $414,480 Saved on Day One of Launch The Immutable X marketplace opened...

  • Investor or Creator? How to Pay Taxes on NFTs


    The NFT market is booming, but many participants are still in the dark when it comes to their tax liability. Crypto Briefing spoke with Gilded CFO Joey Ryan to clear...

  • Playboy Partners With Nifty Gateway NFT Platform


    Playboy announced the partnership along with multiple artist collaborations and curations earlier today. Playboy Bunnies on the Blockchain Nifty Gateway is an NFT platform owned by the Gemini exchange, focusing...