Conor Maloney

Conor is a blockchain journalist with thousands of published articles on cryptocurrency. He is fascinated with decentralized technologies and their potential to improve our everyday lives.
  • Dan Larimer Reveals New Project to Combat “Tyranny” of Twitter


    After quitting his role as EOS CTO in January, Dan Larimer has announced a new censorship-resistance social media project called Clarion. Larimer Takes on “Big Tech” Larimer made a GitHub...

  • PayPal to Buy Curv Crypto Custody Firm


    PayPal is reportedly buying the Curv cryptocurrency custody firm, with price estimates ranging between $200 to $500 million. PayPal Moves Further Into Crypto The Curv acquisition is the latest in...

  • Economist Warns of “Bitcoin Aristocracy” Ruling the World


    Dr. Jon Danielsson, the Director of the Systemic Risk Centre at the London School of Economics, has written one of the most bearish takes on Bitcoin to date — but...

  • DFX Stablecoin DEX Raises $5 Million in Seed Funding


    Polychain Capital led a $5 million seed round for DFX, a DEX aimed at expanding DeFi to international markets. DFX Aims to Bring DeFi Worldwide Former staff from the Ethereum...

  • Kraken Users Threaten Lawsuit Over Flash Crash


    Kraken users on Reddit have discussed launching a class-action lawsuit due to losses they claim were incurred in a flash crash earlier today. Traders Consider Lawsuit On Feb 22., multiple...

  • Celebrity-Endorsed NFT Project Ethernity Will Launch on Polkastarter


    The Ethernity charity NFT project endorsed by a host of well-known athletes, musicians, and investors will raise funds on a Polkadot DEX called Polkastarter. Ethernity Raises Funds in Hot NFT...

  • ETH Flash Crashes 60% on Kraken, Gas Fees Hit All-Time High


    The Kraken exchange order book saw ETH tank below $750, around $1,000 less than the true market value earlier today. Following the event, gas prices soared to 1,000 gwei for...

  • wNews: What Bitcoin at $50,000 Means for the Market


    Bitcoin hit $50,000 this week, nine weeks after crossing $20,000 for the first time.  Institutional Adoption Picks Up Pace A wave of mainstream interest in Bitcoin has helped fuel its...