Stefan Stankovic

Skopje, Macedonia

Stefan Stankovic

Skopje, Macedonia
Stefan is a part-time crypto writer and full-time podcast addict. He holds a master's degree in Commercial Law with a graduate thesis in cryptocurrency regulation. Nothing excites Stefan like a well-organized commercial code.
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    A significant rise in cryptocurrency-related crime accompanied the rise of decentralized finance in 2021. While crypto crime rates hit record highs in absolute numbers, illicit crypto transactions marked record lows...

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  • Terra, Abracadabra Stablecoins “Are Going to Zero”: Maker Founder


    MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen described the UST and MIM stablecoins as “solid ponzis” in a tweet earlier this morning. Abracadabra.Money and Terra founders Daniele Sestagalli and Do Kwon immediately fired...

  • Samsung to Support NFTs in New TV Range


    One of the largest electronics manufacturers globally, Samsung, revealed Monday that its new smart TVs would allow users to browse and purchase NFTs. Samsung Introduces World’s First TV-Native NFT Platform...