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Token Progress Report

WaBi Token Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

WaBi Token Progress Report: A Leap Too Far

Overview on WaBi WABI is a cryptocurrency that provide an incentive for customers to utilize an anti-counterfeit service offered by parent company Walimai. Walimai was...
ICON ICX token progress report and update by Crypto Briefing

ICON (ICX) Token Progress Report

The ICON ICO was one of the most anticipated of 2017, and raised over $42M. Since then, the ICX token has appreciated considerably in...
Zilliqa ZIL Token Progress Report Sharding Coin Development Update

Zilliqa (ZIL) Token Progress Report

What is Zilliqa? Zilliqa is a dApps environment blockchain platform that uses sharding to boost the output as the network increases. This potentially solves issues...
ChainLink LINK ICO Token Progress Report

ChainLink (LINK) Token Progress Report

ChainLink is billed as a natural evolution in the world of smart contracts.  A smart contract allows parties to do far more than a...
Storm Token Progress Report

STORM Token Progress Report

There’s a lot of room for improvement in the freelance world. Even on the best sites, finding work is hard, and actually getting paid...
0x ICO Token (ZRX) Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

0x Token (ZRX) Progress Report

We didn’t get a chance to review the 0x ICO token when it came to market, but it’s now been almost 3 months since...
Electroneum ETN Token Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

Electroneum (ETN) Token Progress Report

Electroneum (ETN) aims to take cryptocurrency to the masses - to make crypto easy to trade, easy to transact, and even easy to mine...
Dragonchain DRGN Token Progress Report

Dragonchain (DRGN) Token Progress Report

Dragonchain provides enterprises a turnkey blockchain integration solution that includes features such as data protection, easy smart contract development and a hybridized architecture. The platform...
Ontology Network (ONT) Progress Report by Crypto Briefing

Ontology Network And A “Free ICO”

Let’s discuss the Ontology Network (ON) project which, despite being extremely interesting, may have slipped through the cracks and missed significant attention due to...
Blackmoon BCM Token Progress Report

Blackmoon (BMC) Token Progress Report

The Blackmoon Platform and BMC Token allows users to create, promote, develop, and manage tokenized investment funds. Blackmoon hope their product will further serve to...

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