Kiana Nemvideo

Video: NEM Is Down, But Is It Out Of The Race?

Today's Video Briefing covers NEM, an early name in the token economy movement. NEM is having a bad year, but can it still pull off an upset?

Video: Can Ravencoin Stay Airborne?

Today's Video Briefing covers the latest cryptocurrency to take off for the skies: Ravencoin (RVN). It might have a fowl name, but Ravencoin prices...
Kiana talks about Brave browservideo

Video: Can Brave Beat Your Browser?

Brave Browser hits 60,000 verified publishers, and millions of users. Can this crypto browser change the advertising landscape?
Kiana Danial discusses Holochain price and technical analysis for the distributed computing platformvideo

Holochain Price Leaps As Changeover Fuels Investor Hopes

Holochain prices leapt today ahead of a planned exchange between HOT token and HOLO Fuel, which is expected to power the Holochain economy in...
kiana vechainvideo

Video: Can VeChain Deliver A Supply Chain Solution?

Today's Video Briefing examines one of the hottest stars of the last bull run: VeChain. It's no mystery why investors get excited over this...
Kiana talks Alt seasonvideo

Video: Is Crypto Winter Starting To Thaw?

Spring is in the air, but investors aren't ready to picnic just yet. While many parts of the world start enjoying the sunshine, there's...
Kiana explains the basic attention tokenvideo

Video: Will BAT Start Flying?

Today's Video Briefing covers a project that used to be the darling of the ICO world: the Basic Attention Token. BAT is still highly...
Kiana talks neovideo

Video: What’s New With NEO?

Today's Video Briefing covers another one of 2017's biggest hits: NEO, formerly known as Antshares. While commonly regarded as Asia's "Ethereum Killer," the price...
Ontology $50M Market Cap Increase Tech Analysisvideo

Ontology Sees $50M Increase In Market Cap: Tech Analysis

Ontology had a rough 2018 after peaking in June, and the ONT symbol - already a familiar one to most avid blockchain investors -...

Video: Reddcoin Defies Market, Green Lights All The Way

Reddcoin investors are celebrating a very happy birthday week- the RDD token rose by double digits yesterday, nicely rounding out half a decade since...
Kiana talks monerovideo

Video: Can Monero Protect Privacy For Everyone?

Today's Video Briefing covers Monero, a cryptic little currency whose name has become a synonym for "secrecy." You won't find any rich lists or...
Kiana talks stellar newsvideo

Video: What Do The Stars Say About Stellar?

Today's Video Briefing covers three stories which could mean big news for Stellar Lumens.
Kiana takes another look at IOTA and the Tanglevideo

Video: Is IOTA Fast Enough To Catch Up?

In today's Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at a crypto project that doesn't use a blockchain at all: IOTA. Although IOTA made a...

Video: Can Grin Coin Make Investors Smile?

Today's Video Briefing covers the latest runner in the privacy race: Grin. Based on the new Mimblewimble  protocol, Grin Coin completely obscures transaction sizes...
Kiana talks about huobi tokenvideo

Video: Can Huobi Prime Launch HT Price?

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at Huobi Token, which is rising strongly after the exchange announced its own token launching platform. Is Huobi going to be the next Binance?
Aeternity Aeon Video Briefingvideo

Video: Aeternity Is Fast, But Can It Catch Up?

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at one of this week's big winners: Aeternity. The Aeon token showed strong gains yesterday, but it's still...
What is the Lightning Networkvideo

Video: Can Lightning Spark Bitcoin Adoption?

Today's Video Briefing covers the Lightning Network, the second-layer payments solution to Bitcoin's scaling problems. Although the main blockchain is only capable of a...
Video Briefing Dogecoinvideo

Video: Dogecoin Makes Us Laugh, But Can It Make Us Rich?

Happy Friday! Today's Video Briefing gives a few pets to one of the goodest boyes in the world of cryptocurrency: Dogecoin. DOGE is fast,...
Kiana talks Tron in a video briefingvideo

Video: What’s In Store For TRON?

In today's Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at TRON, one of the brightest spots in what is still a rather gloomy market. It's...
Kiana introduces IOSTvideo

Video: IOST Opens Its Doors, But Can It Stay In Business?

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at one of the latest platforms for Fintech smart contracts: IOST. The Internet of Services Token has announced...

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