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TRON Director Brings Decentralized Vision Into Focus

TRON Director Brings Decentralized Vision Into Focus

The BitTorrent filesharing network could be key to TRON's (TRX) adoption, according to TRON director Cliff Edwards. In an interview with Adi Karmon Scope,...
Kiana introduces stable coinsvideo

Video: Stablecoin Introduction And Analysis

Today's Video Briefing covers stablecoins, cryptocurrencies whose value is tied to the dollar or another fiat currencies. Stablecoins have gained increased attention in the...
Kiana talks dogecoinvideo

Video: It Sounds Cute But Dogecoin Is No Joke

In today's Video Briefing, Kiana leads the awww's at the cutest cryptocurrency around. Dogecoin might have started as a joke, but it's leading the way as...
Kiana talks about ripple XRPvideo

Video: Is XRP Finally Turning The Tide?

Today's Video Briefing covers the coin crypto lovers love to hate: XRP, the token issued by Ripple Labs to provide liquidity for cross-border payments...
It's looking like a Green Christmasvideo

Video: Holiday Cheer In Crypto Land

Just when you thought the Grinch had stolen Christmas, markets have turned green again. In today's Video Briefing, we visit the Ghost of Christmas...
Aeternity Aeon Video Briefingvideo

Video: Aeternity Is Fast, But Can It Catch Up?

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at one of this week's big winners: Aeternity. The Aeon token showed strong gains yesterday, but it's still...

Video: Can Grin Coin Make Investors Smile?

Today's Video Briefing covers the latest runner in the privacy race: Grin. Based on the new Mimblewimble  protocol, Grin Coin completely obscures transaction sizes...
Zcash zksnarks video briefingvideo

Video: Can Zcash Tech Deliver Real Adoption?

Zcash is breaking ground as the latest word in privacy-protecting technology, with big listings on some of the most coveted exchanges around. But can...
Ontology $50M Market Cap Increase Tech Analysisvideo

Ontology Sees $50M Increase In Market Cap: Tech Analysis

Ontology had a rough 2018 after peaking in June, and the ONT symbol - already a familiar one to most avid blockchain investors -...
Kiana talks IOTA tanglevideo

Video: IOTA Decentralization and Technical Analysis

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at one of the oddest ducks in the cryptocurrency space - IOTA. Unlike other cryptos, IOTA does not...

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