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Cryptocurrency analysis is separate from news on Crypto Briefing. Although it’s important to write about what’s going on in the blockchain world, we find it just as important to offer context and perspective to our readers.

Sure, the hash rate for Bitcoin is going up – what does that mean? The Ethereum network is congested – by what?

Our analysis writers also examine industry trends, developments, and the overarching theme of cryptocurrency adoption, to bring you insightful commentary that helps all readers navigate the cryptosphere successfully.

Crypto Marketing Genius Generates 20x ROI From Publicity Stunt

Crypto Marketing Genius Generates “20x ROI” From Publicity Stunt (But You Won’t Like It)

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON, recently announced that he had won a meal with Warren Buffett as part of a...
Walmart's Blockchain Partnership Is a Huge Deal For Pharma Industry

Why Walmart’s Blockchain Partnership Is A Huge Deal For The Pharma Industry

Blockchain is making big news in supply chains, but its true importance is hard to overstate. Walmart is the latest retail giant to join...
Was it a whale move or an overdue correction?

$20bn Crypto Wipeout: Manipulation Or Overdue Correction?

Cryptocurrency markets experienced a significant downturn last night, losing $20bn of total capitalization in a little over two hours. Bitcoin (BTC) prices fell by...
how whales help the crypto ecosystem

Save The Whales? Why Big Traders Aren’t That Bad For The Crypto Ecosystem

Bitcoin tumbled overnight, dropping around fourteen percent within a few hours from around $8,500 to $7,700. With it fell the wider crypto market, as...
ethereum brings miners back into the green

Ethereum Prices Are Bringing GPU Miners Back Into The Green

Crypto markets are green again, especially if you have an extra video card. Thanks to rising prices, it's once again possible to make a...
JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is A Commodity And Has Intrinsic Value

JPMorgan Casts A Sly Glance At Bitcoin: But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

Not for the first time, JPMorgan & Chase is raising a stir in the crypto community. In a recent note, the bank's strategists announced...
cashless economies and negative interest could propel bitcoin adoption

Killer Combo: How Negative Interest And Cashless Economies Could Propel Bitcoin Adoption

History is the best of teachers. If you want to learn something about Bitcoin's future, it might be instructive to study our economic past...
Whales could bring bitcoin back above $20 thousand, says asset manager

Whales Could Pull Bitcoin Back To $20,000, Says Asset Manager

A small group of deep-pocketed traders has been able to exploit market sentiment and set the trajectory for crypto prices, according to one asset...
decentralization advances one giant corporation at a time

Decentralization Advances, One Giant Corporation At A Time

The blockchain is out of the bottle, with Facebook the latest corporate giant to announce a native cryptocurrency. It won’t be without competitors, though. Telegram’s...
IOTA achieves coordicide, still lacks a product

IOTA Achieves Coordicide, But Still Lacks A Working Product

The IOTA Foundation yesterday announced a new mechanism that will radically overhaul how the IOTA network secures itself. Known as 'Coordicide', the new protocol...

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