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Crypto news is polluted. Most crypto media outlets run ‘sponsored stories’ alongside their editorial – and some won’t even tell you that they’re being paid to disguise ads as news.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.


Opinion & Analysis

Bitwise: Crypto Exchange Volume Still Mostly Air

Wash trading is the new stick to beat crypto with. But it's also damaging the markets, leading investors to make the wrong judgements.

On Blockchain Island, Crypto Companies Are Still Unbanked

Even in Malta, banks think crypto is too risky

ICO Investors Threaten Legal Action Against Sparkster

Investors want a full refund: and they want it right now.

Market Data Could Be The Next Crypto Arms Race

ICE's cryptocurrency feeds could offer traders a crucial advantage

Analysis: New Tether Model Could Make Prices Unstable

Collateral makes tokens redeemable, giving them a stable value.

Digital Asset Reports & Evaluations

Dash Digital Asset Update Report: March 2019

Dash Digital Asset Report: March 2019 UpdateSince the fall of 2018, Dash has taken some massive steps forward. The project continues to be focused on the payment sector and really delivering on the “currency” promise of the term cryptocurrency.…

Dogecoin Digital Asset Report: DOGE Token Review and…

Development has been largely abandoned, but it's kept alive by its…

VeChain Digital Asset Report: VET Token Review And…

Fueled by great partnerships and solid tech, it's poised to achieve real…

NEM Digital Asset Report: XEM Token Review And Investment…

They may have had good ideas, but the execution has been lacking.

Ripple Digital Asset Report: XRP Review And Investment Grade

A solid business case and powerful company, with significant concerns…

Blockchain Tech

Coin Guide

About Our Code Reviews

Crypto Briefing blockchain code reviews are performed by auditing what is on display in the master branch of the repo’s made available. Andre Cronje and his team continue to help separate the tech from the talk – providing invaluable research and insight for anyone looking further into an ICO or blockchain business.

Blockchain Code Reviews

MultiVAC Code Review: All Dimensional Sharding

MultiVAC is an interesting project that merits attention. Andre Cronje peeks at the public repos in his code review.

MagnaChain Code Review: Fork This For A Laugh

Spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon.

OneLedger Code Review: Business Modularization

Atomic swaps between Bitcoin and Ethereum, bridging gaps, side chains,…

Grin Coin Code Review: A Fresh Slice Of Mimblewimble

Investors have a zest for... Grin Coin. The open source project delivers…

What's Hot This Week

South Africa Proudly Leads The World In Crypto Adoption

A recent Hootsuite study revealed that South Africa ranks first in the world for the highest percentage of internet users who own cryptocurrencies. The social…

Santander Inadvertently Claims To Use XRP: Hilarity Ensues

An erroneous tweet from Santander UK caused a brief stir of excitement in the loins of XRP fans when news filtered out that the cryptocurrency token was being…

Ravencoin Price: Demand Is Outstripping RVN Supply

Ravencoin (RVN) doesn't feature much in crypto coverage. Since it launched last January, the asset tokenization platform has largely stayed on the sidelines.…

Weiss So Serious? Crypto Ratings Founder On Why Grades Are No Joke

In an industry that defines an early-adopter as someone who discovered Bitcoin in 2014, Martin Weiss is an anomaly. He's not a Wall Street wannabe looking for a…

VeChain / USD Technical Analysis: Breaking The Shackles

VET / USD Technical Analysis - VeChain has broken its 2019 trading high and is looking bullish in all terms.

Bitcoin Correlation Fades As Altcoins Find New Direction

The more the market changes, the more it stays the same. 2019 may yet be a watershed year for cryptocurrency adoption, but one thing hasn’t changed until now:…

ICO Investors Threaten Legal Action Against Sparkster

Sparkster raised $30M, but is facing legal action from investors who allege the project ran a misleading sale.

What Is MaidSafe? Introduction To MaidSafeCoin

What Is MaidSafeCoin? MaidSafe is a project for a decentralized internet, created in 2006 by Scottish engineer David Irvine. MaidSafe’s concept predates…

This Just In: Over Half Of TRON Founder Followers May Be Real

Justin Sun's Twitter followers may be real human beings - or at least, some of them. That's the astonishing conclusion reached by a statistical analysis of…

Huobi To Open Token Launching Platform

Huobi Prime is a new service, allowing loyal customers to buy tokens at a discount before they are listed on the main exchange.

Burner Wallets: A Safe Way To Buy Dinner With Ether

When mainstream adoption? That question has been on hodlers’ minds ever since Bitcoin’s inception. The most common trope centers around buying a cup of coffee…

BMW, Intel And Nielsen To Boost Blockchain Through Tribe Accelerator

Tribe Accelerator, the first blockchain accelerator to be backed by the Singapore government, has just announced strategic partnerships with BMW, Nielsen, and…

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