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  • Golden Solana ETF icon on teal gradient.

    A Solana ETF is coming — can a DeFi summer be close behind?

    The introduction of a Solana ETF could significantly enhance institutional investment and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, potentially setting the stage for a broader resurgence in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

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  • SEC closes investigation into Ethereum 2.0, no securities charges against ETH: Consensys

    SEC drops investigation into Ethereum’s status as a security

    The SEC's decision to end its investigation into Ethereum's status as a security removes significant regulatory uncertainty, potentially accelerating innovation and adoption within the Ethereum ecosystem and setting a favorable precedent for other decentralized networks.

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  • Golden Ethereum ETF symbol, July launch.

    SEC is expected to approve an Ethereum spot ETF next month

    The anticipated approval of an Ethereum spot ETF by the SEC could significantly boost institutional investment in the cryptocurrency market, potentially leading to substantial capital inflows and increased market volatility.

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  • Gensler sees Ethereum ETF S1 approval this summer

    Gensler sees Ethereum ETF S1 approval this summer

    Gary Gensler has signaled that the approval of the S1 for an Ethereum ETF could be expected in the coming summer. This could mark a watershed moment for the industry that may pave the way for increased mainstream adoption and institutional investment in Ethereum. While the 19b-4 forms have been approved for multiple Ethereum ETF issuers, the SEC must still approve the S1 forms before the ETFs can officially debut and begin trading.

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  • Bitcoin set to benefit whether FOMC cuts or holds rates: Bitfinex

    Bitcoin will benefit, whether FOMC cuts or holds

    Today's FOMC decision follows the recently announced May CPI data, which indicated a slight deceleration in inflation to 3.3% year-over-year from April's 3.4%. The crypto market reacted positively to the news, with Bitcoin gaining 2.3% and the broader market from the top 20 cryptos all showing positive movement.

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  • Mt. Gox moves $9 billion in Bitcoin to new wallet

    The defunct crypto exchange has moved a staggering 140,000 BTC, worth approximately $9 billion, to a new wallet over the past 12 hours.


  • Trump meme coins react as NY jury finds former president guilty of felony charges

    Donald Trump has become the first former US president to be convicted of crime, as a New York jury found him guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records.


  • Biden vetoes SAB 121, says repeal would ‘jeopardize’ consumers

    The Government Accounting Office said that SAB 121 blocks regulated banking groups from offering custody services and creates a different standard for crypto compared to other financial assets.