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Government policies, the role of stablecoins, CBDCs, and court cases.

  • El Salvador plans to advance Bitcoin integration into its banking system

    El Salvador plans to advance Bitcoin integration into its banking system

    El Salvador drafts a reform proposal to create a private investment bank to provide financial services to Bitcoin investors.


  • SEC cuts Ripple settlement demand from B to 2M

    SEC slashes Ripple penalty to $102 million

    The SEC has cut its settlement demand for Ripple from $2B to $102.6M, following legal debates and comparisons to similar financial cases.


  • expressionist rendition of lawyers filing a court appeal

    Ripple rejects SEC’s $2 billion fine for ‘unreasonableness’ citing Terraform settl...

    Ripple's lawyers have asked a court to consider an "appropriate" civil penalty in its ongoing case against the SEC, citing the recent settlement between the regulator and Terraform Labs as evidence that the SEC's requested $2 billion penalty is unreasonable.


  • Gary Gensler could literally cost Joe Biden the election - Mark Cuban

    Gary Gensler could “literally cost Joe Biden the election,” says Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban criticizes SEC Chair Gary Gensler, warning that his stance on crypto could cost Biden the White House.


  • Gavel and crypto coin symbolizing regulation.

    Gensler says FTX ‘is not unique,’ warns crypto exchanges are commingling functions

    SEC Chairman Gensler warns that FTX-like commingling is common in crypto exchanges, highlighting the industry's regulatory challenges.


  • dramatic depiction of a crypto trading addict

    Crypto trading addiction has become a public health concern in the UK — NHS

    Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of the UK's National Health Service, urges lawmakers to address the growing problem of young people becoming addicted to crypto trading, as specialist gambling clinics witness an increase in such cases.


  • Golden scales symbolizing Terraform SEC settlement.

    Terraform Labs settles SEC lawsuit for $4.47 billion

    Terraform Labs agrees to a $4.47 billion SEC settlement after a jury verdict on its 2022 collapse that affected investors.


  • crypto lobbyists in the UK

    Crypto execs court UK Labour Party as election looms

    As the UK heads into a snap election, the crypto industry is focusing its lobbying efforts on the Labour Party, which holds a significant lead in polls and could shape the future of digital asset regulation in the country.