Key concepts, safety practices, investment strategies, and potential blockchain applications.

  • What is decentralized science?

    What is decentralized science?

    Decentralized science could democratize research funding, enhance collaboration, and accelerate innovation, but faces resistance from traditional institutions.


  • What is zero-knowledge proofs

    What are zero-knowledge proofs? Understanding our digital shields

    The adoption of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) is set to significantly enhance digital privacy and security, reducing the risks of data breaches and identity theft while enabling more secure and efficient online and real-world transactions.


  • Ordinals and Runes are proof of Bitcoin’s permissionless nature: Casey Rodarmor

    Ordinals and Runes are proof of Bitcoin’s permissionless nature: Casey Rodarmor

    Rodarmor's protocols highlight Bitcoin's resilience against censorship, emphasizing the network's potential for secure, decentralized applications.


  • Golden OP_CAT Bitcoin opcode.

    What is OP_CAT? Satoshi’s dormant opcode that could revolutionize Bitcoin’s smart contra...

    Bitcoin has a built-in scripting language that allows for the creation of simple smart contracts. However, the scripting language has limitations, and some of the original opcodes (operation codes) were disabled in the early days of Bitcoin’s development. One such opcode is OP_CAT, which has recently resurfaced in discussions within the Bitcoin community. What is


  • Ethereum spot ETF approval is here - Everything you need to know

    Ethereum spot ETF approval is here – Everything you need to know

    Spot Ethereum ETFs have finally received the greenlight after a period of uncertainty. Thursday’s approval not only marked a milestone for Ethereum but also a positive development in the US regulatory approach to crypto. This article will provide more insights into the recent approval, its potential motivation, and implications for the industry. An overview of


  • Golden FIT21 symbol with teal gradient.

    What is FIT21?

    FIT21, or the “Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act,” is a bill that aims to establish a regulatory framework for digital assets in the US.  If passed into law, FIT21 would mark a significant milestone in creating clear rules for the crypto industry. The bill involves both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission


  • Bitcoin Pizza day ala Gettysburg address

    Fourteen years ago, someone bought pizza with Bitcoin

    It was, back then, a new transaction, conceived from peer-to-peer friendships, and dedicated to the proposition that commerce on the Internet has come to rely almost exclusively on financial institutions. Now we are almost a decade and a half on, in a movement that could test whether the ideas conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto can endure.


  • Globe representing Wikipedia

    Ethereum researcher alleges Wikipedia of biased Solana coverage

    Ethereum researcher Emmanuel Awosika posted allegations on X that Wikipedia has an anti-crypto stance, with its coverage of Solana, in particular, being unfair. The allegations made by Awosika also put into questions regarding the involvement of Molly White in editing crypto-related articles on the platform. “[…] people have complained about Wikipedia’s coverage of the crypto