About Us

Crypto Briefing is the publication for those who are serious about cryptocurrency and Web3.

Since 2017, we have been a global leader in recognizing emerging trends like decentralized finance and NFTs, and up-and-coming ecosystems like Polygon and Solana. We share our expert understanding of the blockchain industry with our readers, in brief, to make them more informed users and investors.

Our unbiased reviews, hard-nosed investigations, forward-looking market analyses, and in-depth research have helped millions of readers find opportunities, and avoid pitfalls, as they navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency markets.

Our team of crypto natives is composed of experts in finance, media, and technology who use their knowledge and experience to tell you the stories behind the headlines. Our coverage is focused on giving readers the perspective they need to act decisively and directionally on the news.

Our Commitment to Readers

People across the globe have chosen to trust Crypto Briefing as their primary source of insights into the crypto industry. Our success as one of the fastest-growing and widely-read crypto publications is largely thanks to three commitments we made to readers when we were founded:

  • Maintain integrity in both our journalism and our research.
  • Provide analysis, perspective, and commentary from people who have exceptional knowledge and experience in our industry.
  • Share the information that matters to investors, to help eliminate information asymmetry and give our readers an edge.

SIMETRI Research

In 2019, we launched our first subscription product, SIMETRI Research. Information asymmetry was causing thousands of crypto investors to miss good investment opportunities⁠—at best⁠—and lose time and money, at worst. This was often the result of insiders using privileged information to profit from the ignorance of others.

Meanwhile, our team of analysts was already reviewing dozens of emerging crypto projects and had the expertise and industry connections needed to evaluate their quality. So we decided to level the playing field.

We launched SIMETRI to bring vital and timely information about the market to anyone who had a desire to inform themselves. Three years on, SIMETRI is now used by thousands of investors to make smarter, more informed, and more profitable decisions.

Our Origins

Crypto Briefing was founded in 2017 by Han Kao (finance), Jon Rice (media), and Andre Cronje (technology) who knew there had to be a better way to get actionable, unbiased information in the crypto industry.

At the time, the cryptocurrency publishing industry was rife with insider-dealing and undisclosed promotion. Much of the public information available on cryptocurrency projects was factually wrong, deceptive, or paid-for by a sponsor. The state of the industry made it extremely difficult to conduct due diligence on cryptocurrency tokens, depriving potential investors of crucial information.

Crypto Briefing was established to change the paradigm. We put ethics at the top of our priority list so readers could trust our reviews, code analysis, news, and investigations. That same spirit of integrity continues to this day.