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crypto tax software solutions

Cryptocurrency Tax Software To Keep the IRS From Your Door

If you've traded cryptocurrency, chances are that you've lost a fair amount of hair--not to mention sleep--trying to calculate your obligations. Some hodlers only...
crypto sentiment hot coins and cold fish

Crypto Sentiment Almost Never Lies: 5 Hot Coins, And 4 Cold Fish

Well, that rally was short. Just as traders started to get excited for the 2019 altseason, cruel fate snatched it away again. As Crypto...
bitcoin falls as privacy coins face scrutiny

Market Commentary: Bitcoin Falls As Fed Lowers Interest, Privacy Coins Face Scrutiny

Cryptocurrency markets are back in the red after yesterday's meteoric rise. With some experts suggesting that yesterday's rally was nothing more than a short...
robot shopper with iota logo

IOTA Reveals Industry Marketplace For Machine Transactions

Through all the fuss with automotive partnerships and Coordicides, many observers have been wondering when IOTA’s Tangle would start dealing with industrial IoT. Despite...
Huobi and OKEx rapidly expanding crypto derivatives market share

76% Of All Crypto Derivatives Traded On Huobi Or OKEx

When most people think of crypto derivatives, they immediately think of BitMEX. The Seychelles-based exchange is one of the oldest and most high-profile crypto...
IBM Blockchain behind GMEX

GMEX Harnesses IBM Blockchain For Latest Financial Technology

Worlds continue to converge between institutions and the nascent frontier of digital assets. GMEX is moving things forward with a little help from IBM,...
EU flag with crypto briefing logo

European Commission Turns Bullish on Blockchain

The Joint Research Center, the science and knowledge service for the European Commission, recently released a report which assessed the multidimensional impacts of blockchain...
sunflower indicating the start of altseason

Understanding The ETH Rally: Is This Altseason?

Markets are in a state of flux, with several cryptocurrencies rising by double digits. After several months of dashed hopes, many investors are wondering...
xrp and xlm as twins

With Latest Rise, Stellar And XRP Move As Twins

Stellar's price action today is...pretty stellar. XLM is leading the markets, having surged by as much as 40% since yesterday morning. After trading for...
IOTA introduces permanodes

IOTA Introduces Permanode Tech For Long-Term Data-Storage

The IOTA Foundation is taking a major step towards ensuring permanency in the Tangle, announcing a “Permanode” technology called Chronicle. IOTA is designed as a...
stellar leaves earth behind

Market Commentary: Stellar Leaves Earth Behind, As Ethereum Overtakes Bitcoin

Altcoin season may be upon us, after all. Prices for almost all non-Bitcoin currencies are posting strong single and sometimes double-digit gains, while BTC's...
Neo leads discussion on blockchain in China

7 Asian Blockchain Leaders On Interoperability, Regulation, And Innovation

In 2017, China dominated cryptocurrency headlines - but to many observers, it's now all quiet on the eastern front. But don't let the diminished...
regulators vs innovators who's winning the crypto matchup

Crypto Regulation Vs. Innovation: Who’s Winning the Match-up?

Can regulators and crypto projects work out their differences to create safe environments for digital asset trading? Or are they destined to forever butt...
are high gas prices good for eth

High ETH Prices Are (Finally) Good For Ethereum

Things are looking pretty bullish for Ethereum (ETH). The Ether price has surged by over ten percent in the past couple of days, and...
bitcoin altcoin correlations decline

Market Commentary: Altcoin Correlation To BTC Decreases, ETH And XRP Rise.

Bitcoin and the rest of the market is surprisingly linear today, with many altcoins registering modest gains as BTC remains range-bound. Ethereum and XRP...
UK regulators have best approach to crypto

UK’s Moderate Regulators Are “Incredibly Positive” For Crypto, Says Top Fintech Lawyer

It's commonly assumed that the best regulatory attitude towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a proactive one. But a leading lawyer is contradicting this...
oracles are missing link for business dlt adoption

Oracles Are The Missing Link For Business Adoption, Says Chainlink CEO

Secure oracle mechanisms are the only way to bring established companies onto the blockchain, according to the founder of Chainlink (LINK). In an interview...
defi dapps gain popularity, mainly among pro traders

DeFi DApps Surge, But Mainly Among Pro Traders

Decentralized finance may just be taking off, but it hasn't escaped the notice of savvy traders. The rapid rise of Compound Finance suggests that...
boom saudi oil attacks test for bitcoin

BOOM! Saudi Oil Attacks Pose Crucial Test for Bitcoin

The weekend drone attack on Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities has slashed global oil supplies by five percent, temporarily sending the price of Brent...
bitcoin futures stability

Market Commentary: Bitcoin Futures Offer Stability, And What’s Happening With EOS?

As we pass the middle of September, cryptocurrency markets are still lethargic. Bitcoin's tunnel trading continues with renewed vigor, though we are seeing a...

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