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The cryptocurrency news space is polluted. Many media outlets run sponsored stories (press releases masquerading as real news) or news items that are thinly-disguised shills for their advertisers.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.

Our mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into mainstream life.

Having a truthful and independent news outlet is a big part of that commitment.

IOHK Opens Cardano To Fintech dApps

The Cardano (ADA) blockchain may soon join Ethereum and EOS as a platform for working decentralized applications. IOHK, the leading developer for the eleventh-most valuable blockchain, has announced the release of new tools for writing…

Hoskinson: SEC Will Crackdown on EOS

The public face of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, believes the chief developer of the EOS platform will face a significant backlash from regulators - particularly the US' Securities and Exchange Commission - over their $4bn ICO, which he…

Bitcoin Miners Go Silent As Price Falls

Despite being pummeled by bears, the Bitcoin mining community is channeling its inner Rocky Balboa for the final fight with Drago. Bitcoin price volatility and squeezed profit margins were a one-two punch to miners in November, with the…

Can Blockchains Save The Earth?

Ethereum isn’t exactly a green technology, but a new application on the blockchain could put a serious dent in carbon emissions. Granular, an agricultural company under the DowDuPont umbrella, has partnered with a blockchain startup to help…

Dash CEO: No Budget Problems Here

Bear season is taking its toll, and crypto companies are already shutting up shop. But Dash Core Group won't be one of them, according to CEO Ryan Taylor.  In a recent blog post,  Taylor addressed the "severe breakdown of market…

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