New protocol launches, market trends, tokenomics, governance, and more. 

  • DeFi DNS attack

    Over 120 DeFi protocols at risk in suspected Squarespace DNS attack

    The suspected DNS attack on DeFi protocols registered with Squarespace opens the issue of vulnerabilities in domain management for decentralized protocols.


  • Chainlink Data Feeds go live on Starknet

    Chainlink Data Feeds go live on Starknet

    The integration of Chainlink Data Feeds on Starknet is set to enhance DeFi application development, driving ecosystem growth and adoption.


  • Pyth Network debuts Express Replay to slash MEV in DeFi and return millions to dApps

    Pyth Network debuts new DeFi tool to slash MEV and return millions to dApps

    Pyth Network's Express Replay could significantly enhance DeFi efficiency and fairness, reducing costs and improving liquidity for protocols.


  • compound finance hack illustration

    Compound Finance confirms hack, warns users of phishing from website

    The hack on Compound Finance's website underscores the critical need for heightened cybersecurity measures and user vigilance in the crypto space.


  • ZRO token

    LayerZero’s ZRO token airdrop with mandatory donations goes live

    The introduction of a mandatory donation for claiming LayerZero's ZRO tokens could set a precedent in the crypto industry, potentially influencing future airdrop strategies and highlighting the growing emphasis on aligning financial incentives with long-term protocol commitment.


  • Binance launches HODLer Airdrops for BNB holders

    Binance launches HODLer Airdrops for BNB holders

    The launch of HODLer Airdrops by Binance for BNB holders could significantly enhance user engagement and loyalty, while also providing a boost to emerging projects through increased visibility and token distribution.


  • Ethena updates ENA tokenomics with new use cases

    Ethena updates ENA tokenomics with forced vesting and new use cases

    Ethena Labs has updated the tokenomics of its native token ENA, requiring users to lock at least 50% of their airdropped tokens through specific methods, with non-compliance leading to redistribution, and introduced new staking options to enhance ENA's utility and integrate it into their financial infrastructure


  • bitoro network x injective

    Bitoro Network expands decentralized perpetual futures with Injective launch

    Bitoro Network, a leveraged trading protocol and ecosystem aggregator for the perpetual futures market, has launched on Injective, a Web3-optimized platform for decentralized finance. According to a press release shared with Crypto Briefing, the integration will provide Bitoro with new trading channels for instant and low-cost trading, integrated staking vaults, and features that would help