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  • io net tokenomics

    Solana DePIN announces tokenomics with inflation model and burn mechanism

    Solana's DePIN discloses IO tokenomics with a 20-year inflation plan and token burn mechanism to regulate its digital economy.


  • Uniswap raises swap fees

    Uniswap raises swap fees amid SEC legal challenges

    Uniswap raises swap rate to 0.25% following the SEC Wells Notice.


  • Chainlink Transporter app

    Chainlink debuts Transporter app, targets hyper-security for cross-chain transactions

    Chainlink introduces Transporter app, aiming to streamline cross-chain token transfers with top-tier security and a user-friendly interface.


  • Stack of USDC coins with dYdX logo

    dYdX to distribute ’60 to 80 million’ to stakers this year: Marketing head says

    dYdX is set to distribute $60-80 million in USDC to stakers as the platform's trading volume surpasses $100 billion in just five months.


  • uniswap sec lawsuit

    Uniswap vows to contest SEC’s legal threat

    Uniswap Labs fights back after SEC's Wells notice, with founder Hayden Adams stressing the legality of their DeFi services.


  • p2p org staking as a business hits $7.5 billion in TVL, unveils new Staking-as-a-Business model for institutions launches new Staking-as-a-Business model, offering comprehensive support for institutions to easily integrate staking and DeFi services.


  • Golden Pyth Network oracle icon.

    Pyth Network’s quest to surpass Chainlink: Marc Tillement at Paris Blockchain Week

    Discover how Pyth Network's oracle services are challenging industry leaders and innovating in the DeFi space with cost-efficient models.


  • Aave Fee Switch Vote

    Aave’s Marc Zeller teases fee switch vote for token holders

    Aave may soon vote on a 'fee switch' to distribute DAO profits to token holders, as announced by Marc Zeller.