• India’s crypto regulations delayed until 2025

    India’s crypto regulations delayed until 2025

    India is not in a hurry to introduce crypto and Web3 legislation, as it waits for global clarity and local innovation.


  • Binance pulls Abu Dhabi license bid

    Binance withdraws its asset management license application in Abu Dhabi, citing a change in its global strategy.


  • El Salvador and Tether launch Visa program for Bitcoin investors

    El Salvador's new citizenship-by-investment program requires a $1 million investment in Bitcoin or USDT, offering a pathway to citizenship.


  • LayerZero preps for 2024 token launch

    Responding to months of speculation, the cross-chain messaging protocol has confirmed the launch of its token in Q3 next year.


  • Solana to join spot ETF race in 2024, VanEck predicts

    Investment manager VanEck predicts Solana will join crypto spot ETF wars in 2024 as its market cap and users grow.


  • Starknet Foundation confirms 1.8 billion STRK token rollout

    The token distribution, overseen by dedicated committees, focuses on incentivizing network use and participation.


  • Binance Founder CZ ordered by court to stay in US

    Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been ordered by US Judge Richard Jones to stay in the country, following a request to travel to Abu Dhabi.


  • Fidelity’s spot Bitcoin ETF joins BlackRock on DTCC site

    Fidelity's proposed Bitcoin ETF appears on DTCC site, fueling speculation of SEC approval alongside BlackRock's spot BTC ETF.


  • WOW EARN Unveils Layer 1 Blockchain, Redefining Efficiency and Global Accessibility

    WOW EARN unveils new Layer 1 blockchain with low fees, global nodes, high throughput to empower developers and expand blockchain adoption.

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  • Robinhood enters EU crypto market, embracing regulatory clarity

    Seeking more crypto-friendly shores, Robinhood launches its services in the EU, capitalizing on MiCA's potential for smoother operations.


  • Bitcoin community clashes over censorship and privacy tools

    Amid accusations, Bitcoin developer DashJr refutes claims of censorship in sparking a back-and-forth exchange with Samourai Wallet.


  • Sotheby’s debuts Bitcoin Ordinals auction with BitcoinShrooms collection

    Sotheby's pioneering Bitcoin Ordinals auction runs through December 13, 2023, featuring works by pseudonymous digital artist Shroomtoshi.


  • Chromia Confirms Mainnet Release In 2024

    Chromia lifts curtain on 2024 mainnet launch plans supported by refreshed roadmap offering lens into decentralized future.

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  • Seed Phrases No More, SafeAuth Brings Social Logins to Wallets

    SafeAuth reshapes the crypto wallet experience by introducing social login options in collaboration with Web3Auth and Safe.


  • IBM Unveils New Technology for Secure Crypto Cold Storage

    IBM unveils OSO, a cutting-edge technology set to revolutionize crypto cold storage by providing automated security layers.


  • Ordinals Test Bitcoin’s Core Values, Security Debate Ensues

    Analyze the viewpoints regarding Ordinals , with debates over whether they represent an innovative evolution of the blockchain or not.


  • JPMorgan CEO says Bitcoin should be closed down, citing criminal use concerns

    Testifying to Senate, JPMorgan's Dimon states he is "deeply opposed to crypto" including Bitcoin which lacks compliance checks.