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The cryptocurrency news space is polluted. Many media outlets run sponsored stories (press releases masquerading as real news) or news items that are thinly-disguised shills for their advertisers.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.

Our mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into mainstream life.

Having a truthful and independent news outlet is a big part of that commitment.

Standard Tokenization Protocol prepares for IEO on Bittrex International Crypto Exchange

Bittrex Exchange Looks To Standard Tokenization Protocol For IEO Takeoff

The IEO arms race is getting tighter: Bittrex International has just announced its next initial exchange offering, the Standard Tokenization Protocol. The continuing popularity...
FATF Recommendation 16 Could Send Bitcoin Back To The Dark Ages

FATF Recommendation 16 Could Send Bitcoin “Back To The Dark Ages”

Crypto is approaching one of the most critical, and potentially destructive, moments in its history: and very few people even seem to know about...
Walmart's Blockchain Partnership Is a Huge Deal For Pharma Industry

Why Walmart’s Blockchain Partnership Is A Huge Deal For The Pharma Industry

Blockchain is making big news in supply chains, but its true importance is hard to overstate. Walmart is the latest retail giant to join...
IOTA achieves coordicide, still lacks a product

IOTA Achieves Coordicide, But Still Lacks A Working Product

The IOTA Foundation yesterday announced a new mechanism that will radically overhaul how the IOTA network secures itself. Known as 'Coordicide', the new protocol...
United States copyright office acknowledges Craig Wright as author of Bitcoin white paper Satoshi Nakamoto

U.S. Copyright Office: Craig Wright Authored Bitcoin White Paper And Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright has been granted copyright registrations by the US for the original 2008 Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper as well as most of the original...
VeChain is starting to deliver products

As Summer Starts, VeChain Is Bearing Fruit

It's been a busy season for VeChain. From a major go-live tracking a milk supply chain to luring Deloitte away from Ethereum, the logistics-and-supply-chain...
Stellar Validators To Vote On Protocol upgrade

Stellar Validators To Vote On Protocol Upgrade

The Stellar Development Foundation has announced a new upgrade to improve the pricing and capacity of the tenth-largest cryptocurrency network. Dubbed Protocol 11, the...
Binance hacked, promises to reimburse 7000 stolen BTC

Binance Promises To Cover 7,000 BTC Lost In Hack

The world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, was apparently hacked today - but the company has promised to make investors whole. A statement issued by Binance...
Bitcoin is the holy grail, according to some institutional investors

Bitcoin Is The ‘Holy Grail’: How Institutions Are Changing Crypto

Institutions are increasing their involvement in cryptocurrencies. In the past year, investment banks gave their clients access to digital assets, Fidelity InvestmentsĀ set up a...
bumblebee could track tunafish on the blockchain

Bumble Bee Foods Uses Blockchain To Track Tuna

The next time you eat a tune sandwich, think about where it's come from. You never know it may be one that's been tracked on the blockchain, particularly if it's yellowfin tuna.

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