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bitcoin slips as alts plunge

Bitcoin Teeters As Crypto Drops $20bn

The cryptocurrency market has undergone a significant correction in a few hours, with coins across the board - including Bitcoin (BTC) - experiencing steep...
Kiana talks about huobi tokenvideo

Video: Can Huobi Prime Launch HT Price?

Today's Video Briefing takes a look at Huobi Token, which is rising strongly after the exchange announced its own token launching platform. Is Huobi going to be the next Binance?
Can Homeland Security See Your Fiat Transfers Probably..

Can Homeland Security See Your Fiat Transfers? Probably.

An official from U.S. Homeland Security has claimed that the authorities can trace every crypto to fiat currency conversion. Is that really a surprise...
Shyft Says Digital IDs Are The Next Big Thing

Shyft Says Digital IDs Are The Next Big Thing

Security tokens look like the next big thing, but there’s one thing holding them back. As futuristic as peer-to-peer “digital stocks” might sound, they’re...

Ripple CEO Takes Aim At Bitcoin During World Economic Forum

Brad Garlinghouse may be a Bitcoin hodler, but he's no fan of the technology behind the world's top cryptocurrency. At a panel of the World...
eToro Slashes Spread To Bump Up Market Liquidity

eToro Slashes Spread To Bump Up Market Liquidity

When institutional investor? The question on everyone's lips this summer. The high volumes; the big names; it was what kept the market going during...
Universal Protocol Alliance stablecoin the Universal Dollar

In a Flood of Stablecoins, Universal Protocol Adds One More

“Speak of the Devil, and he will appear.” Or in this case, write a lengthy exposition about the need for decentralized stablecoins, and a...
blockchain patent

Blockchain Startup Hopes To Streamline Patent System

Innovators filed 3.17 million patents in 2017, representing the eighth consecutive year of growth. In the same year, nearly 14 million patents were in force,...
Bitcoin Risks Mining Death Spiral If BTC Price Plunges Below $3K

Bitcoin Risks Mining Death Spiral If BTC Price Plunges Below $3K

Bitcoin slid even further downhill this weekend, as the crypto market shed a total $17bn in market capitalization. But the problems might be just...
Bitcoin Trademarked In The UK In Patent Troll Style Action

Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin BITCOIN!! So Sue Us.

Vitalik, we’ve got to talk. It has come to our attention that your foundation has been using the “Ethereum” mark for several years now....
Ledger adds Kowala - first stablecoin with kUSD and mUSD support for hardware wallets

Ledger Chooses Kowala kUSD As First Stablecoin

Ledger's "First Tuesday Crypto" initiative began earlier this week as the company announced the addition of eight new cryptocurrency assets. Ledger will be adding...
Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Is Mostly Abysmal

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Is Mostly Abysmal

Dashlane, an application that manages passwords and digital wallets, has discovered that cryptocurrency exchange security is far weaker than most large tech companies: over...
Standard Tokenization Protocol prepares for IEO on Bittrex International Crypto Exchange

Bittrex Exchange Looks To Standard Tokenization Protocol For IEO Takeoff

The IEO arms race is getting tighter: Bittrex International has just announced its next initial exchange offering, the Standard Tokenization Protocol. The continuing popularity...
Pfizer and Aimedis parnership to improve pharmacovigilance and prescription efficiency

Pfizer Is Latest Multinational Giant To Explore Blockchain

Pfizer Deutschland GmbH, a German pharmaceutical giant, has become fascinated with the success thousands of companies have had implementing blockchain technology. Over 86,000 blockchain...
India's PM Unveils Blockchain Center, Could Indicate Policy Shift

India’s PM Unveils Blockchain Center, Could Indicate Policy Shift

In a move that signals India's growing acceptance of distributed ledger technology (DLT), Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last week that blockchain, artificial intelligence...
waves price surges on Vostok hints

Waves Platform Sails On Vostok Speculation

The WAVES coin is causing a splash, having advanced 85% in the last 30 days while its peers are just beginning to see daylight....
holochain enterprise partnership

Holo, Enterprise: Holochain Seeks More Business Applications

Holochain is building more infrastructure for business applications. Developers for the cloud hosting market have partnered with Next Block Group, an investment platform that...
Crypto taxes under discussion in Congressional roundtable - will tax code for cryptocurrency become clearer

Crypto Execs Tell Congress to Fix Tax Rules

The old saying about Death and Taxes is not quite accurate when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The Internal Revenue Service may seem as implacable...
Request Network REQ Adds 600k Merchants Through Shopify

REQ Shopify Deal Allows 600K Merchants to Accept Crypto

The cryptocurrency payment system Request Network (REQ) has integrated with the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, making the prospect of buying coffee with crypto a...
EOS dApps to look out for include Everipedia EOSbet DecenTwitter and Scatter

What’s Cooking on Planet EOS? Four Projects To Watch

We haven’t heard much from EOS, ever since the blockchain platform grew up and moved out of the Ethereum household. Since then, EOS has...

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