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The cryptocurrency news space is polluted. Many media outlets run sponsored stories (press releases masquerading as real news) or news items that are thinly-disguised shills for their advertisers.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.

Our mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into mainstream life.

Having a truthful and independent news outlet is a big part of that commitment.

other uses for the bitcoin blockchain

Money, Schmoney: What Else Is Bitcoin Good For?

Bitcoin is best known as a currency, but that's not its only use. As the oldest and most-secure blockchain, the Bitcoin ledger has many...
INX ipo could bring security tokens to retail investors

INX IPO Could Bring Crypto Security Tokens To Retail Investors

Here's a riddle for you: what does Monero's Fluffypony have in common with former Capital One Vice President Alan Silbert, as well as Charlie...
Litecoin inches closer to privacy features

Litecoin Inches Towards Privacy With New Grin Dev

Since January, Charlie Lee has been teasing at plans to introduce confidential transactions to Litecoin. However, the announcement was followed by a long stretch...
bitcoin market suffers india reviews crypto ban

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Markets Suffer As India Reviews Crypto Ban

Cryptocurrency markets are bleak leading into Wednesday, August 21. Bitcoin has reversed all of its hard-fought gains since the start of the week, falling...
crypto exchange volumes still inflated report finds

Crypto Exchange Volumes Still Highly Inflated, Report Finds

Ever wonder why there are so many top exchanges you've never heard of? If so, you might not be the only one. A recent...
SEC effect crypto drops

The SEC Effect: Crypto Investors Feel The Chill

Markets have taken a turn for the worse as North American investors reacted to the SEC's latest pronouncements for future token sales. Based on...
Snowden talks up privacy, is that still possible?

Snowden Talks Up Monero And Zcash, But Is Privacy Still Possible?

Edward Snowden is always the main event, no matter where he talks. It's no surprise that the NSA whistleblower was the main event at...
Kin crypto is how we beat tech giants

Kin: Cryptocurrency Is How Tech Startups Can Beat Facebook

Earlier this month Kik released a 130-page filing that accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of "twist facts" in its lawsuit against the company's...
bitfinex feels heat token burns proceed anyway leo

Bitfinex Feels The Heat, But LEO Is Burning As Planned

iFinex, the company behind Bitfinex, is under more pressure after the New York State Supreme Court judged that the exchange was in the New...
daily commentary bitcoin ethereum xrp ltc

Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Stumble as ETC Leaps

Trading is muted in crypto markets, especially with respect to  Bitcoin. After measurable gain early on Monday, BTC mostly stayed around its new $10,500-10,700...

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