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The cryptocurrency news space is polluted. Many media outlets run sponsored stories (press releases masquerading as real news) or news items that are thinly-disguised shills for their advertisers.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.

Our mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into mainstream life.

Having a truthful and independent news outlet is a big part of that commitment.

Binance Gets Ready To Enter The DEX Fray

The cryptocurrency bear market is in full swing, but don't tell Binance Coin (BNB), the native coin of the leading crypto exchange. BNB rallied as much as 15% in the last 24 hours to $6.18, bringing the market cap to $1.1 billion on…

What The FCT: Factom Quadruples In A Month

Prices for Factoid (FCT) tokens, the native currency for Factom,  are rising. While the rest of the market went into meltdown, FCT has been on an upswing for the past month. Partnerships, collaborations, and adoptions are driving prices…

Lisk Developer Numbers Double In Bear Market

The market downturn has hit the industry hard, but the bear market has some silver linings. Those fixated with price movements have become less vocal, to be replaced by developers and blockchain enthusiasts.The technical community for…

Video: Zilliqa Review And Technical Analysis

Today Kiana talks about Zilliqa (ZIL), a much-anticipated blockchain platform for decentralized applications. On paper, Zilliqa's sharding solution shows a lot of promise, with a potential throughput of thousands of transactions per second…

Vertcoin Suffers A 51 Percent Attack

Vertcoin is a lesser known project, but it's becoming more familiar for all the wrong reasons. You might not know it by looking at the price action, but Vertcoin (VTC) is currently under  a 51% attack, with  a wave of reorgs and…

Waves Price Doubles With Mobile App Release

It's a mixed bag in the cryptocurrency markets. But Waves (WAVES) tokens are at the top of the table today. The token price has more than doubled in the past week, following the release of a new mobile wallet.The market price for WAVES…

Aeternity Goes Live In Roma Release

Aeternity has released its first live implementation, bringing the new blockchain platform one step closer to providing scalable smart contracts and user-friendly oracles. The new implementation, code-named Roma, was released at a launching…

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