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SEC considers no action letters for crypto projects

Good News For Ripple? SEC To Consider More “No Action” Letters For Crypto

U.S. regulators may be taking a more flexible approach to enforcing security regulations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. That could include granting no-action...
Whales could bring bitcoin back above $20 thousand, says asset manager

Whales Could Pull Bitcoin Back To $20,000, Says Asset Manager

A small group of deep-pocketed traders has been able to exploit market sentiment and set the trajectory for crypto prices, according to one asset...
Telegram based button wallet could bring bitcoin to facebook

Telegram-Based Wallet Could Bring Bitcoin To Facebook

A Telegram-based wallet is in early-stage talks with Facebook to provide cryptocurrency payment services, including in bitcoin (BTC). Alekasndr Safanov, co-founder and CEO of Button...
EOS Marks first birthday

EOS Marks Anniversary With Social Network Reveal

Today marks the first anniversary EOS blockchain and is celebrating in style. The creator of the fifth-largest cryptocurrency network has announced a new...
Cardano Smart Adaptor IS ADA The Velociraptor of Crypto

Smart ADAptor: Is Cardano The Velociraptor Of Crypto?

One of the scariest prospects for blockchain technology is the idea of entrusting your wealth and identity to a technology that still isn't entirely... buys RAM ahead of mysterious announcement

EOS Creators Buy $20M Of RAM Ahead Of Mysterious Announcement, the company which built the EOS blockchain, is expected to make a significant announcement at an upcoming event in Washington, D.C. Details of...
binance traders betting big on nano and icx

Binance Traders Are Betting Big on Nano And ICX

The week has just started and sentiment already looks positive, as cryptocurrency traders move more value into riskier digital assets. Millions of dollars have...
Black Canvas Swiss Telecom Giant Gives Brings Blockchain Art Direct To Your TV

Black Canvas: Swiss Telecom Giant Brings Blockchain Art Direct To TV

The emergence of a buzzing crypto tech startup scene around Zug’s Crypto Valley has given unusual blockchain projects the impetus to take big ideas...
Genomes Wants To Put You On The Blockchain Tachyon by ConsenSys Accelerator Cohort 2019

Tachyon Burst: Genomes Wants To Put You On The Blockchain. Yes, You.

You're special. No, really; you're very special. In fact, as you're probably well aware, you're one-of-a-kind, an infinitely unlikely collection of little bits of matter that...
NKN Prepares For A New Kind Of Mainnet

NKN Prepares For A New Kind Of Mainnet

Most internet connections are not used to their full capacity, with many users wasting their extra bandwidth while others eke their way along poor...
Cheese Wizards Combines ERC-721 Collectibles And Blockchain Gaming

Cheeze Wizards Combines ERC-721 Collectibles And Blockchain Gaming

Dapper Labs is affectionately known throughout the tech industry as the company that brought us CryptoKitties. These digital felines are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT)...
Bitcoin may have crossed a point of no return

Institutions Could Push Crypto Past A ‘Point Of No Return’

Today's Financial Times carried an interesting morsel this morning: Bitcoin (BTC) has proven to be a better store of value than the Argentine peso...
P2P Exchange Paxful Hits 3m Wallets During 2019 Growth Spurt

The Growing Use Cases of Blockchain in Cannabis

Cannabis is growing the U.S. and Canadian economies as the push for decriminalization moves forward.  In fact, as American industries go, its 250,000+ employees...
Why is the SEC so scared of a Bitcoin ETF?

Why Is The SEC So Scared Of A Bitcoin ETF?

Manipulation is not unique to crypto. It's alive and well in stock markets, not to mention the Forex market. So why is the SEC...
TRON releases new BitTorrent File Protocol

TRON Reveals New BitTorrent File System

BitTorrent and TRON (TRX) have developed a new decentralized storage system, which they hope will become key infrastructure for a new, borderless internet. TRON announced...
Linkdrop hopes to gain a billion new crypto users

Tachyon Burst: Can Linkdrop Create A Billion New Crypto Users?

The first step in using cryptocurrency is creating a wallet, storing the private keys and coming to grips with addresses. That's quite a tall...
Oracle Blockchain Chief Stacking Technologies Is The Real Key To Adoption

Oracle Blockchain Director: Stacking Technologies Is The Real Key To Adoption

Blockchain technology is continuing to make inroads into the business world, with established tech giants joining startups in seeking new applications for the distributed...
Countless Lives Lost To Latency Bluzelle Aims To Save Our Gaming Heroes

Countless Lives Lost To Latency: Bluzelle Aims To Save Our Gaming Heroes

Video games are all about speed. Latency kills - in the case of a game like Overwatch, quite literally. The gaming industry isn't about...
Bank of England chief economist recongizes crypto's "huge potential"

Bank Of England Chief Economist: Crypto Has “Huge Potential”

As international guidelines surrounding crypto take shape, a senior economist at the Bank of England (BoE) has reiterated the institutions' commitment to supporting the...
Crypto crapto the biggest facepalms and screw ups of 2018 in cryptocurrency

Crypto Crapfest: The Facepalms And Epic Fails Of 2018

Developers for Bitcoin Private have acknowledged a critical bug in the currency’s algorithms, enabling an unknown hacker to award themselves about forty percent of...

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