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The cryptocurrency news space is polluted. Many media outlets run sponsored stories (press releases masquerading as real news) or news items that are thinly-disguised shills for their advertisers.

Our crypto news is different. It’s never paid, never sponsored, and 100% independent. Because we don’t accept advertising or paid stories, you can trust that our news holds to strong standards of honesty, truth, and independence.

Our mission is to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into mainstream life.

Having a truthful and independent news outlet is a big part of that commitment.

ethereum brings miners back into the green

Ethereum Prices Are Bringing GPU Miners Back Into The Green

Crypto markets are green again, especially if you have an extra video card. Thanks to rising prices, it's once again possible to make a...
Investors pounce on IOTA as Jaguar Land Rover Integrate Cryptocurrency

Investors Pounce On IOTA As Jaguar Land Rover Announces Crypto Integration

IOTA (MIOTA) tokens accelerated an upward trend in value this morning after the internet-of-things (IoT) project announced a surprise integration with the British car...
Trusttoken is planning to square up with coinbase

TrustToken Wants Coinbase To Be “Worried”

Few crypto companies can count themselves as effective Coinbase rivals, but one startup plans to give Brian Armstrong a run for his bitcoin. TrustToken...
Stellar Downtime Reveals Network Weakness Investor Strength

Stellar Downtime Reveals Network Weakness, Investor Strength

Cryptocurrency markets may be mixed, but Stellar (XLM) is one of the day’s biggest winners. Prices for the lumens token rose a whopping 18%...
BTC mining helps power renewable electricty

Bitcoin Mining Consumes More Electricity Than New Zealand, Report Finds

Bitcoin mining currently consumes more electricity than the entire country of New Zealand, according to a new report. But the cloud has a green...
JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is A Commodity And Has Intrinsic Value

JPMorgan Casts A Sly Glance At Bitcoin: But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

Not for the first time, JPMorgan & Chase is raising a stir in the crypto community. In a recent note, the bank's strategists announced...
Monero community announces new anti-asic mining algorithm

Monero Community Validates New Anti-ASIC Mining Algorithm

Developers of the Monero privacy coin have announced a new weapon in their battle against centralization. In collaboration with Arweave, a serverless storage protocol,...
grin community forks to deter asics

Grin Community Announces Anti-ASIC Fork

The Grin community has announced the date of its first-ever scheduled hard fork, in order to prevent the network from being dominated by specialized...
how decentralized governance can make crypto stateless

ndau: How Decentralized Governance Can Make Crypto Stateless

Few cryptocurrencies can provide a long-term store of value. Some tokens are pegged to fiat, but the consistent inflation of national currencies means these...
Bristol city fights global warming with blockchain technology

Bristol City Council Fights Climate Change with Blockchain Tech

Local governments aren't known for being forward-thinking, so it might surprise you to learn that a city in the U.K. has found a novel...

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