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IOTA spins up a new hash function

Take The New IOTA Hash Function For A Spin: Win €200,000

ConsenSys Developers, take note: if things don’t work out with the blockchain, there’s still  plenty of money on the Tangle. The IOTA Foundation is...
Brock Pierce buys a church

Brock Pierce Buys Church With Crypto Mortgage

Just when you thought April Fools' day was safely behind you, the blockchain space throws out another headline so wacky it seems to have...
Bitcoin Price Unaffected By Yesterday's ETF Decision

Bitcoin Price Unaffected By ETF: OpenLibra To Oppose Facebook

Bitcoin's price has increased against all expectations. In a sudden surge, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap briefly reached $8,700 yesterday, subsequently stabilizing around...
How paxful is changing the game in Africa

How A Homeless New Yorker Helped Launch Africa’s Crypto Revolution

I have attended a number of cryptocurrency events, where I usually interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who have been in the industry for...
Corporate investment in cryptocurrency approaches a record year

2019 Could Be Record Year For Corporate Investment In Cryptocurrency

Big businesses are raising the stakes, putting larger bets on virtual assets. Corporate investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain-orientated businesses are on track to reach...
CipherTrace FATF Travel Rule

FATF Travel Rule Compliance Gets Easier With New CipherTrace Tools

A new framework from blockchain security firm CipherTrace will enable cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and other projects to comply with the Travel Rule from FATF...
China Still Enjoying The Year Of The Bull

In China, It’s Still Year of the Bull

Marx might not have liked Bitcoin very much: but one socialist titan is betting hard on blockchain tech. In a speech before the Chinese...
Eth will have a minor delay

Fork Off: Constantinople Delayed Till Late February

It has been a long week for Ethereum developers in the wake of the delayed Constantinople upgrade. The hard fork was expected earlier this...
Crouching Bitcoin Hidden Alt Season BTC Demand Has Fundamental Drivers

Crouching Bitcoin, Hidden Alt Season: BTC Demand Has Fundamental Drivers

Bitcoin’s 2019 surge has led to some pundits scaremongering again, telling the crypto community that it is entering another bull trap. Bitcoin demand does,...
RSK assessment - is Rootstock Bitcoin Smart Contract solution a viable Ethereum alternative?

RSK Assessment – Bitcoin Smart Contracts Coming?

The rapidly developing blockchain ecosystem is currently facing a number of bottleneck issues. Scalability is currently the number one problem afflicting both Bitcoin and...
Bauwens makes key strategic investment into crypto property firm Fundament

Major German Property Firm Puts Big Bet On Regulated Crypto Platform

The major German property developer, Bauwens, is taking a long-term bet on the future of real estate investment being tokenized. Announced this morning, the...
exchange volume mostly air

Bitwise: Crypto Exchange Volume Still Mostly Air

Wash trading is the new stick to beat crypto with. But it's also damaging the markets, leading investors to make the wrong judgements.
China Pilot Shows Strong State Control of Blockchain Development

China Pilot Shows Strong State Control of Blockchain Development

China has launched its first official blockchain pilot zone in Hainan Province. Effectively a Silicon Valley for the blockchain industry, the pilot zone at the...
bitcoin drops show need for stable store of value

Bitcoin Drops Show Why We Still Need A Stable Store Of Value

Bitcoin continues to form the basis for the entire crypto economy. One need only look at price graphs to see that the majority of...
nOS joins ARK Ecosystem

NOS Crosses Over To ARK’s Blockchain Tech

Another project is leaving NEO for a new blockchain. nOS, which hopes to launch a virtual operating system for decentralized applications, has chosen ARK's...
MobileGo MGO scores esports platform

MobileGo Aims To Score With Esports

Gaming is one industry that's still inspiring the blockchain community, regardless of market condition. Joseph Lubin recently touted gaming as one of the reasons...
galaxy digital experiences largest ever drop in AUM

Galaxy Digital Experiences Largest-Ever Drop In Managed Assets

Bitcoin is down, and alts are down further, but that's no reason to despair. Things can always be worse: your balance sheet probably didn't...
SEC issues no action to Paxos

SEC Warms To Blockchain With No Action Letter to Paxos

The SEC has issued yet another 'no action' letter. Was it Congressman Tom Emmers’ denunciation of the regulator, or was it simply a hat...
izbreaker social media ethereum classic

Meet iZbreaker: Social Media Comes To Ethereum Classic

When you think of popular social media platforms, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is probably not the first one that comes to mind. But that could...
NEO GAS is exploding in price at a rate that doesn't follow the expected correlation

Is The NEX ICO Pushing GAS To Unusual Gains?

Markets are rebounding, and several crypto-favorites are recording big gains. Less-known tokens are also leading the recovery: some coins jumped by a quarter, along...

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