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China Bullish On Blockchain Bitcoin Price Explodes In Happy Lucky Coincidence

China Bullish On Blockchain: Bitcoin Price Explodes In Happy Lucky Coincidence

The cryptocurrency market recovered dramatically today, as news from China sinks in that digital currencies are here to stay and Bitcoin soared by over...

No Ripple For You: Japanese Partner Calls It Quits

A major partner of Ripple Labs has withdrawn from their collaboration on a cash transfer app. Resona, Japan's fifth largest bank, has ended its...
Algorand Raises $60M In Dutch Auction At Insane $24 billion implied market cap

“Insane Valuation”: Algorand $60M Token Auction Implies $24bn Value

A new Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol raised more than $60M in a token sale held in Singapore today. Algorand sold 25M Algos - its native token...
why komodo hacked their own users

Reverse Pickpocket: Why Komodo Team Hacked Their Own Users

The cryptocurrency world is full of risks, from malicious hackers to unexpected bugs. But you'd never expect developers to hack their own users--and you'd...
Was it a whale move or an overdue correction?

$20bn Crypto Wipeout: Manipulation Or Overdue Correction?

Cryptocurrency markets experienced a significant downturn last night, losing $20bn of total capitalization in a little over two hours. Bitcoin (BTC) prices fell by...
finance giant nomura invests in OMG parent company

OMG! Japanese Finance Giant Nomura Invests In Omise

Omise Holdings, the parent company of OmiseGo (OMG) and GO.Exchange, has announced an investment from Nomura Holdings, a massive Japanese investment group with global...
Ripple Partner SBI remains optimistic on XRP

Ripple-Partnered Bank Remains Optimistic About XRP

SBI Holdings is confident that XRP will be a successful and widely-adopted digital asset for international remittance and settlements, possibly becoming a leader of...
cosmos wants global economy on the blockchain

Cosmos: The Global Economy Will Run On The Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains offer services that were impossible in earlier systems: free and fast international transactions, secure and uncensorable trading and a virtual store...
Telegram's GRAM token could eclipse stellar market cap

Telegram’s GRAM Token Could Eclipse Stellar’s Market Cap

GRAM tokens are finally coming to investors, Telegram says. The company behind the second-largest cryptocurrency sale expects to ship tokens in the next two...
Komodo Platform's Antara Framework Is A Giant Leap Forward For Blockchain

Komodo Platform’s Antara Framework: Another Giant Leap For Blockchain

Multi-chain integration is to blockchain what the assembly line was to Henry Ford. One-off customization is fine for Bugatti; but for the rest of...
30% And Counting Bitcoin Exterminates Traditional Asset Classes

30% And Counting: Bitcoin Exterminates Traditional Asset Classes

Blame Chinese authorities. Blame whale manipulation. Blame an Act of God. Blame anyone you like, if you're Peter Schiff or Warren Buffet: but most of...
Visa, PayPal Left Choking On Dust As Radix Distributed Ledger Processes Over 1M TPS

Visa, PayPal Left Choking On Dust As Radix Distributed Ledger Processes Over 1M TPS

Scalability is a perennial problem for blockchains, sometimes it has also proved to be a controversial one. Disagreements on how best to turn Bitcoin...
Zcash Is A Defunct Initiative Says Deloitte Blockchain Specialist

Zcash Is A “Defunct Initiative”, Says Deloitte Blockchain Specialist

One of Deloitte's blockchain specialists has said that the privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) will struggle to develop a long-term use case because it ultimately...
Sentiment analysis suggests the latest BTC dip could be a temporary correction

Analysis: Bitcoin Dip Looks Like A Temporary Correction

It's been just under a week since Bitcoin (BTC) set a new high for the year, when it looked like the leading cryptocurrency was...
Binance Suffers From Wash Trading Too Says Blockchain Transparency Institute

Binance Suffers From Wash Trading? And For $850, So Can You.

The Blockchain Transparency Institute has released its April 2019 Market Surveillance Report, and it claims that Binance is among the exchanges on which wash...
Microsoft Will Pay You To Develop Ethereum

Microsoft Will Pay You To Develop… Ethereum?

If you’re a veteran cryptonaut, there’s a fair chance you’re cursing yourself for not picking up more eighty-dollar ETH—and crossing your fingers for another...
Ontology prepares for life without neo

Sorry, NEO: Ontology Starts Seeing Other Blockchains

Leading figures at Ontology (ONT) are seriously contemplating a future outside of the NEO ecosystem. Erick Pinos, Ontology's U.S. Ecosystem Partner, told Crypto Briefing that the...

Tezos Is Most Profitable Staking Coin

Staking tokens is a well-known way for holders to earn a passive income. But as the number of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins increase, it's becoming...
Celsius Founder Bitcoin Short Ratio Proves BTC Could Cross $10,000

Celsius Founder: Bitcoin Short Ratio Proves BTC Could Cross $10,000

At the risk of making "an ass" of himself, a cryptocurrency veteran expects Bitcoin (BTC) to return to five-digit prices within the next few...
litecoin at war charlie lee's crusade against dash

Litecoin at War: What’s Behind Charlie Lee’s Crusade Against Dash?

This week, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee tweeted another round of criticism against Dash, claiming that the coin has become a highly centralized project. This...

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