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Microsoft Blockchain Chief Adoption Is Past the Tipping Point Yorke Rhodes

Microsoft Blockchain Chief: Adoption Is Past the Tipping Point

Blockchain technology has already overcome the largest hurdles to mainstream adoption, according to a representative of Microsoft’s blockchain division. Yorke Rhodes, Principal Program Manager...
VeenPool is selling a crypto exchange

Want A Crypto Exchange? EzoPay Is Yours For $380K

Have you ever wanted to be a big-time exchange owner like Brian Armstrong or Changpeng Zhao? Well, today could be your lucky day: for...
sending crypto while offline Africa's connectivity problem

Sending Crypto While Offline: Solving Africa’s Connectivity Challenge

Africa has come a long way in technology and connectivity. Before the start of the decade, few knew what a smartphone was. However, according...
NEM is making it harder to secure ecosystem funding

NEM Ventures To Improve Project Quality With Higher Funding Requirements

The NEM (XEM) community has been too generous with development funding, according to  leaders of its new investment arm. One of the General Partners...
NEO dials up reliability

NEO Upgrades To Reduce Instability

Last week, NEO developers upgraded their network's mainnet consensus nodes, including the core consensus protocol. The updated delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism is...
decentralization advances one giant corporation at a time

Decentralization Advances, One Giant Corporation At A Time

The blockchain is out of the bottle, with Facebook the latest corporate giant to announce a native cryptocurrency. It won’t be without competitors, though. Telegram’s...
cross border payments race heating up

The Cross Border Payments Race Is Heating Up

Cross border payments represent one of the most self-evident use cases of cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies move across borders faster than traditional payment pathways, with...
MoneroV fork poses a risk to Monero XMR coin privacy

MoneroV Fork Presents A Threat To Privacy Lovers

Monero (XMR) does one thing very well. Privacy. The ring signature untraceability mechanism means nobody can tell what you own, receive, send, or spend....
Sparkster ICO could become landmark UK cryptocurrency case

ICO Investors Threaten Legal Action Against Sparkster

Sparkster raised $30M, but is facing legal action from investors who allege the project ran a misleading sale.
Zcash Is A Defunct Initiative Says Deloitte Blockchain Specialist

Zcash Is A “Defunct Initiative”, Says Deloitte Blockchain Specialist

One of Deloitte's blockchain specialists has said that the privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) will struggle to develop a long-term use case because it ultimately...
Ripple Rival Bitspark ZEPH tokens

A Ripple Rival? Bitspark Rewards Users For International Payments

A settlements platform has unveiled a new scheme to encourage cross-border transactions. Hong Kong-based Bitspark announced earlier today that users of their payments network will...
The next Coinbase listing is EOS

Coinbase Makes Surprise EOS Listing

Coinbase has today announced it will be adding EOS to its custodial wallet, effective immediately. Coinbase customers will now be able to buy and sell...
XRP remittance solution loses out to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Beats XRP At Global Remittances, Says New Report

Bitcoin (BTC) will always be a better solution for cross-border payments than XRP, according to the head of a Hong Kong-based cash-to-crypto solution. George...

Get Ready for Facebook Coin

Facebook is considering the launch of its own digital currency, according to insiders.  Cheddar, a tech and business video news network, reports that the...
How to earn passive income in crypto

Put Your Crypto To Work: Five Ways To Earn A Passive Income

One of the next bigs steps for the crypto industry is passive income, allowing investors to earn interest or income from their tokens. While...
MobileGo MGO scores esports platform

MobileGo Aims To Score With Esports

Gaming is one industry that's still inspiring the blockchain community, regardless of market condition. Joseph Lubin recently touted gaming as one of the reasons...
Coinbase Pushes Binance Launchpad Project MATIC To New Heights

Irony: Coinbase Pushes Binance Launchpad Project MATIC To New Heights

Scalability is one of the biggest issues in cryptocurrency, and several leading blockchains are throttled at a handful of transactions per second. High-throughput networks...
Metal Pay Is Giving Out Free Crypto All Day

Metal Pay Is Giving Out Free Crypto All Day

The prospect of getting something for nothing is a powerful motivator. The American actress, Sandra Bullock, once (in)famously said that she would do "anything...
US Realtors Assocation Stake Out Territory On the Propy Blockchain

US Realtors Association Stakes Out Territory On the Propy Blockchain

The blockchain is building another gateway to the world of real estate. The National Association of Realtors has just announced an investment in Propy,...
Can Zimbocash heal zimbabwe's monetary system?

Zimbocash: A Digital Currency For Zimbabwe

Hyperinflation has become synonymous with Zimbabwe, and the African nation’s monetary system has been on a roller coaster for the past decade. Its national...

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