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Bitmex traders flee as regulators draw near

BitMEX Traders Withdraw $125M As CFTC Looms Closer

Crypto derivatives platform BitMEX is bleeding funds, amid worries that a CFTC probe could lead to a full-blown investigation. Data collected by TokenAnalyst show that...
Bithumb Launches Chain to compete with Binance

Bithumb Chain: Not Just Another Exchange Blockchain?

Bithumb Global has confirmed it is developing its own blockchain. The Korean cryptocurrency exchange announced today that the Bithumb Chain will “aspire to connect...
Elastos Is Making A New Internet On Your TV

Elastos Is Creating The New Internet… On Your TV

Big Brother is Watching, but you might be able to jailbreak your Telescreen. Elastos, a Chinese-based blockchain project, is inching towards developing a decentralized...
Altcoins close distance as Bitcoin struggles above 10k

Altcoins Close Distance As Bitcoin Price Struggles Above $10,000

Bitcoin has failed to make meaningful gains during the weekend. A strong downwards push on Friday dropped BTC dangerously close to $10,000, though the...
RideSafe Uses Blockchain Tech To Save Kenyan Motorists

How Kenya’s RideSafe Is Saving Lives With Blockchain Technology

It’s a chilly Monday morning on the streets of Nairobi. The city is a beehive of activity as everyone hurriedly makes their way to...
Chopping Blockchain Crypto Recession Calls Time On Consensys Startups

Chopping Blockchain: Crypto Recession Calls Time On Startups

The temperatures may be just beginning to drop, but cryptocurrencies have been stuck in winter for what seems an ice age. For months blockchain...
The UAE is exploring tokenized securities

Dubai Has Quietly Created A Legal STO Space

The UAE is quickly becoming the international epicenter for security token offerings (STOs), according to the head of a Dubai-based consultancy firm. The Middle...
A Shitcoin Index The Most Overhyped Underperformers In Crypto

A Shitcoin Index: The Most Overhyped Underperformers In Crypto?

Warren Davidson and Meltem Demirors may have brought shitcoins to the attention of the United States Congress, but crypto insiders have long used the...
ZEC shielded wallets

Zcash Targets Mainstream Adoption With Shielded Wallets

Privacy coin Zcash is becoming more mainstream every day, as crypto investors increasingly look to shield their payments. If you don't believe us, check...
eos blockchain wallet integration

Infinito To Support EOS dApps

EOS might be the most insular blockchain in the top ten, but a new wallet could add another onramp to the fifth-largest blockchain.  Infinito...
Did Ripple's CTO Just Tell XRP Army To Stop Trolling Crypto

Did Ripple’s CTO Just Tell XRP Army To Stop Trolling Crypto?

The CTO of Ripple Labs, the creator of the XRP cryptocurrency, has called on the cryptocurrency community to become less "militant", as it runs...
why komodo hacked their own users

Reverse Pickpocket: Why Komodo Team Hacked Their Own Users

The cryptocurrency world is full of risks, from malicious hackers to unexpected bugs. But you'd never expect developers to hack their own users--and you'd...

Millennial Investors Want Crypto…To Be Easier

Millennial investors are significantly more interested than older generations in placing value into virtual currencies, according to new survey data. But high barriers to...
Bitcoin Halving Will Be A Huge Shock To Miners Transactions Will Have To Increase

Bitcoin’s Upcoming Halving Exposes Long-Term Security Issues

Bitcoin’s network security largely depends on block rewards, not transaction fees. Will fees alone be enough to sustain the network as halvings continue to...
Gibraltar Gambles On Rocking Crypto World

Gibraltar Gambles On Rocking The Crypto World

What do online gambling and cryptocurrency have in common? (Not looking for Warren Buffet's input on this question, thank you.) For crypto businesses and enthusiasts...
NEO dials up reliability

NEO Upgrades To Reduce Instability

Last week, NEO developers upgraded their network's mainnet consensus nodes, including the core consensus protocol. The updated delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism is...
Why is the SEC so scared of a Bitcoin ETF?

Why Is The SEC So Scared Of A Bitcoin ETF?

Manipulation is not unique to crypto. It's alive and well in stock markets, not to mention the Forex market. So why is the SEC...
trusttoken cred lending

CredEarn Offers Eight Percent Interest On Unused Crypto

Bond yields are falling, and savings accounts can barely keep up with inflation, but there are other ways to put your money to work....
Bitcoin's universal appeal

From Refugees To Hedge Funds: Bitcoin’s Universal Appeal

Bitcoin has reached an interesting inflection point. Whereas at one point its primary use was for black market sites like Silk Road, bitcoin has...

New China Blockchain Rules: The Articles Explained

This week, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released draft regulations for blockchain firms that operate in the country of 1.4 billion people, and...

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