• Coinbase lists Seamless Protocol’s new token, first Base token launched on the exchange

    Coinbase lists Seamless Protocol’s new token, first Base token launched on the exchange

    Coinbase lists first Base layer 2 token in SEAM, governance token of Seamless Protocol built by leading DeFi teams.


  • India’s crypto regulations delayed until 2025

    India is not in a hurry to introduce crypto and Web3 legislation, as it waits for global clarity and local innovation.


  • Binance pulls Abu Dhabi license bid

    Binance withdraws its asset management license application in Abu Dhabi, citing a change in its global strategy.


  • El Salvador and Tether launch Visa program for Bitcoin investors

    El Salvador's new citizenship-by-investment program requires a $1 million investment in Bitcoin or USDT, offering a pathway to citizenship.


  • LayerZero preps for 2024 token launch

    Responding to months of speculation, the cross-chain messaging protocol has confirmed the launch of its token in Q3 next year.


  • Solana to join spot ETF race in 2024, VanEck predicts

    Investment manager VanEck predicts Solana will join crypto spot ETF wars in 2024 as its market cap and users grow.


  • Starknet Foundation confirms 1.8 billion STRK token rollout

    The token distribution, overseen by dedicated committees, focuses on incentivizing network use and participation.


  • Binance Founder CZ ordered by court to stay in US

    Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been ordered by US Judge Richard Jones to stay in the country, following a request to travel to Abu Dhabi.


  • Bitget Makes A Multimillion-Dollar Investment in Layer 2 Consumer-centric Blockchain Morph

    Morph closes a multimillion investment from Bitget exchange to fund consumer blockchain, combining the best of Optimistic & ZK rollups.

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  • Fidelity’s spot Bitcoin ETF joins BlackRock on DTCC site

    Fidelity's proposed Bitcoin ETF appears on DTCC site, fueling speculation of SEC approval alongside BlackRock's spot BTC ETF.


  • Robinhood enters EU crypto market, embracing regulatory clarity

    Seeking more crypto-friendly shores, Robinhood launches its services in the EU, capitalizing on MiCA's potential for smoother operations.


  • Bitcoin community clashes over censorship and privacy tools

    Amid accusations, Bitcoin developer DashJr refutes claims of censorship in sparking a back-and-forth exchange with Samourai Wallet.


  • Sonorus’ $SNS Token to Be Listed on Kucoin

    Sonorus announces upcoming Kucoin listing of its $SNS token on December 12, reflecting the platform's growing prominence in blockchain music.

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  • Sotheby’s debuts Bitcoin Ordinals auction with BitcoinShrooms collection

    Sotheby's pioneering Bitcoin Ordinals auction runs through December 13, 2023, featuring works by pseudonymous digital artist Shroomtoshi.


  • Seed Phrases No More, SafeAuth Brings Social Logins to Wallets

    SafeAuth reshapes the crypto wallet experience by introducing social login options in collaboration with Web3Auth and Safe.


  • IBM Unveils New Technology for Secure Crypto Cold Storage

    IBM unveils OSO, a cutting-edge technology set to revolutionize crypto cold storage by providing automated security layers.


  • Ordinals Test Bitcoin’s Core Values, Security Debate Ensues

    Analyze the viewpoints regarding Ordinals , with debates over whether they represent an innovative evolution of the blockchain or not.