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  • SEC approves Ethereum spot ETFs, trading to start tomorrow

    SEC approves Ethereum spot ETFs, trading to start tomorrow

    The SEC's approval of Ethereum spot ETFs could significantly boost institutional investment and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.


  • Golden polygon with Latin American flags representing Lumx Polygon fund for blockchain development

    Lumx launches $250k fund for Polygon projects in Latin America

    Lumx's fund could significantly boost blockchain innovation and adoption in Latin America, positioning the region as a key player in Web3 development.


  • Ethereum logo and price chart with ETF symbols for ETH ETF launch

    Ethereum price could fluctuate with initial ETF inflows: Kaiko

    Initial ETF inflows could lead to significant Ethereum price volatility, impacting investor sentiment and market stability in the short term.


  • Golden SNS logo on teal background.

    Solana Name Service unveils major rebrand: A new era for .sol domains

    The rebrand of Solana Name Service signifies a pivotal advancement in decentralized identity management, enhancing Web3 adoption and infrastructure.

  • Bitcoin on-chain metrics remain robust during July's rebound: Bitfinex

    Bitcoin on-chain metrics remain robust during July’s rebound: Bitfinex

    BTC's recent recovery and strong on-chain metrics suggest a potential bullish trend, driven by investor accumulation and reduced miner selling pressure.


  • Golden cat coin surrounded by meme-themed crypto coins, illustrating meme coins outperform trend

    Meme coins outshine BTC and ETH in latest crypto rally

    Meme coins' recent surge highlights the volatile and speculative nature of the crypto market, potentially diverting attention from established assets.

    Meme Coins

  • Golden depiction of US election impact.

    Bitcoin could see potential breakout ahead of US elections: QCP Capital

    Bitcoin's potential breakout ahead of US elections could lead to increased market volatility and significant price movements, impacting investor strategies.


  • Golden Bitcoin coin with digital graphs showing digital asset inflows

    Crypto funds see $3.2 billion inflows in July amid bullish investor sentiment

    Increased crypto fund inflows signal growing investor confidence and potential market stabilization, impacting global financial strategies.


  • WazirX hack update

    WazirX hacker moves $57M in ETH, exchange increases bounty to $23M

    WazirX's increased bounty underscores the escalating efforts and challenges in securing and recovering stolen crypto assets, impacting user trust.


  • SoMon becomes fastest-growing Web3 social app with 300,000 transactions in two weeks

    SoMon becomes fastest-growing Web3 social app with 300,000 transactions in two weeks

    SoMon's rapid growth highlights the increasing demand for decentralized, user-owned social platforms, potentially reshaping online community dynamics.

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  • inverse bitcoin etf

    Asia’s first inverse Bitcoin ETF to launch in Hong Kong amid crypto market volatility

    Hong Kong's launch of Asia's first inverse Bitcoin ETF could bolster its position as a leading crypto hub, offering new risk management tools.


  • Mt. Gox transfers 0.021 BTC to Bitstamp

    Mt. Gox reactivates Bitcoin wallet, makes small transfer to Bitstamp

    Mt. Gox's reactivation and minor Bitcoin transfers hint at imminent large-scale customer repayments, potentially restoring some trust in crypto exchanges.


  • ‘Asia’s MicroStrategy’ Metaplanet buys another ¥200 million worth of Bitcoin, shares jump 13%

    Metaplanet acquires ¥200 million worth of Bitcoin, shares jump 13%

    Metaplanet's Bitcoin acquisition strategy boosts investor confidence, potentially setting a trend for other Asian firms to follow suit.


  • Coinfest Asia 2024 Dive into Web3 innovation across 17 immersive areas

    Coinfest Asia 2024: Dive into Web3 innovation across 17 immersive areas

    Coinfest Asia 2024 will significantly boost Web3 adoption and innovation, fostering global collaboration and investment in the crypto-friendly Asia region.

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  • Elon Musk goes laser eye after Biden drops out of presidential race

    Elon Musk goes laser eyes after Biden quits re-election bid

    Musk's endorsement of Trump and crypto signals potential shifts in political and financial landscapes, impacting both markets and voter sentiment.


  • Golden sculpture of a presidential seal.

    Bitcoin tumbles on news of Biden’s withdrawal from election race

    Biden's withdrawal impacts crypto markets, potentially boosting Trump's pro-crypto stance and reshaping the 2024 election landscape.


  • US Bitcoin spot ETFs attract .2 billion over two weeks amid renewed market optimism

    US Bitcoin ETFs attract over $2 billion inflows in two weeks amid renewed market optimism

    Renewed optimism in the crypto market could signal a broader acceptance and integration of Bitcoin ETFs into mainstream investment portfolios.


  • Ethereum breaks through ,500 as trading launch nears

    Ethereum breaks through $3,500 as spot Ethereum ETF progress nears finish line

    Ethereum's price surge and upcoming ETF launches could significantly boost institutional and retail investment in the broader crypto market.