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Oil Dropped to Zero Before Bitcoin, but Did Regulators Notice?

Oil futures are the latest casualty this week in the ongoing financial crisis, as prices for U.S. crude futures turned negative for the first time ever. Meanwhile, top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin,...

What Is Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow?

Most digitally-native products and items aren’t valuable because they can be reproduced at little to no cost. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto solved this problem by devising the first decentralized network...

How to Short Bitcoin: A Guide to Cryptocurrency Derivatives

In the early days of Bitcoin, the only way to make a profit was to buy and hold. Many of the wealthiest people in crypto today are early adopters who...

$10 Billion Fund Set to Trade CME’s Bitcoin Futures

Renaissance Technologies’ flagship Medallion fund has returned 24% year-to-date while most institutional funds have taken a beating. Dubbed the world’s greatest hedge fund, Medallion has received permission to trade Bitcoin...

Insights from Cryptocurrency Sentiment During Coronavirus Turmoil

The first quarter of 2020 was characterized by market turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic. How did cryptocurrency sentiment fare during those tumultuous months? Crypto Sentiment Crypto sentiment ratings have...

Does Pre-Halving Bitcoin Hodling Explain Exchange Withdrawals?

Recent data indicates that Bitcoin holders are taking their coins off exchanges and moving them to wallets for longer-term holding. Is this a pre-halving hodling pattern? Bitcoin Withdrawal Volumes Support...

Can Bitcoin Cure the Zombie Economy?

As financial markets around the world show unusual bullish signals, many analysts have begun to comment on a decoupling of real economic value and a so-called “zombie economy.” And as...

Bitcoin Regains Significant Support Level, Aims for $9,000

Over the last few hours, the Bitcoin bulls seem to have taken control of BTC’s price action. Even though a significant resistance level lays ahead, a further bullish advance seems...