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Blockchain news from China, plus cryptocurrency updates and news on crypto rankings and official blockchain statements.

China Bans Create Crypto Refugees

China's latest crackdown on cryptocurrency trading won't stop the determined few. China is set to lose the best and brightest of its current digital crop as they head off as crypto refugees. There is just one problem: they're taking the…

China Really, Really, Likes EOS

China’s national blockchain referee has made a call, and the rulings are in: EOS is by far the China’s favorite blockchain, distantly followed by Ethereum and NEO. The scores were released in China’s second monthly Global Public Chain…

In China, It’s Still Year of the Bull

Marx might not have liked Bitcoin very much: but one socialist titan is betting hard on blockchain tech. In a speech before the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President Xi Jinping elaborated on the…

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