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What Is NEO - Introduction To NEO and Gas

NEO Has Invested In Switcheo, the Blockchain’s Top DEX

NEO has made an investment in Switcheo, according to a blog post published on Tuesday, Jan. 14. The investment was made through the NEO EcoBoost...

The DEX Top 10: Crypto Briefing’s Decentralized Exchange Picks

Every time an exchange is hacked, it seems a DEX springs up. Although these decentralized exchanges have advantages, it can be difficult to find...
THORChain Digital Asset Report by SIMETRI Research

THORChain Digital Asset Report by SIMETRI Research

Introduction to THORChain Altcoins have taken a beating over the last few months, as Bitcoin has re-established serious cryptocurrency dominance. At the time of writing, Bitcoin...
Anonymous KYC solution TrustCommunity

Anonymous KYC Solution Could Make DEX Model More Viable

An experimental application could help decentralized exchanges comply with regulations without compromising user privacy. Announced jointly today by DeversiFI and the identity management platform,...
atomic swaps concept

Can Atomic Swaps Reach Critical Mass?

Atomic swaps are a promising trading method, but they're making slow progress. What's holding them back, and are they finally gaining ground?
kyberswap wants to attract new traders

KyberSwap Seeks To Lure New Traders With Fiat-Crypto Gateway

KyberSwap is launching a new fiat gateway in order to attract new users. According to the team, the gateway will give the decentralized exchange...
investors stake 8% of nash tokens as exchange takes off

Investors Stake 8% Of NEX Tokens As Nash Takes Off

Investors are rushing to stake Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens, in order to maximize returns from the exchange's fee-split model. The address for Nash's staking smart...
Crypto Prime Broker TROY Trade Institutional Investors Will Prefer DEXs

Crypto Prime Broker TROY Trade: Institutional Investors Will Prefer DEXs

The prospect of institutional investors makes the crypto industry go all tingly inside. Deep order books and market liquidity mean many centralized exchanges have...