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Decentralized Exchange news, plus updates from DEX platforms and DEX tech developments.

Radar Relay Targets Tokenized Shorts

There’s good news for Dr. Doom—you can now make money when crypto crashes, without needing to go through Augur or a centralized exchange.  Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange built on the 0x protocol, has announced the launch of a new…

Bitfinex Announces Two New Dexes

One of the biggest problems facing crypto is the barriers to entry. Although blockchain transactions are easy enough, getting your money on the blockchain is a different story: buying a new token with fiat can involve two or three sets of…

Kyber Decentralized Crypto Exchange Goes Live

One month after a successful invitation-only beta launch, the highly-anticipated Kyber decentralized crypto exchange is now open to the public as a full beta. The Kyber Network development is particularly significant since some regulatory…

NEX Lottery Open For 25,000 Investors

The NEX Lottery has opened, offering 25,000 investors an opportunity to procure their share of one of the most highly-anticipated ICOs of the year. The Neon Exchange (NEX) will randomly select up to 25,000 participants who will be invited…

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