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Crypto Down $5bn: Why The Sell-Off?

Crypto markets have lost 3.8% of their total capitalization, after an abrupt sell-off in the early hours of Monday morning caused digital currencies to fall by nearly $5bn. Prices fell began to fall almost right at the start of the first…

Crypto Market Rises By A Cool Ten Billion

Virtual currencies are a sea of green today, as the crypto market cap experiences a sudden surge upwards in the first few hours of trading. At around 17:00 GMT on Sunday, the total crypto market cap was around $121.5bn. Things began to…

Grayscale Records Bumper Year In 2018

While multiple projects struggled in the crypto crunch, for Grayscale Investments 2018 was the best year they've ever had. In their quarterly report, released on Thursday, Grayscale said that despite declining prices and market…

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