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Crypto Wipeout: Who Are The Big Losers?

The market has decided to test the already fractious nerves of investors and plunge in value. Crypto price sites are a sea of red right now; it's like November never ended... Cryptocurrency's total value practically went off a cliff at…

Is Bitcoin Recession Proof?

A global recession, like the one economists predict could happen next year, will put cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) in high demand, a new report has suggested. Analysts at the cryptocurrency prime dealer, SFOX, said a global…

Christmas Crash Was No Surprise

The crypto market is down again, scuppering hopes for an end of the year reprieve. Although the Christmas crash caught many off guard, the signs were there: Bitcoin bull momentum was already slowing down. Bitcoin's MACD histogram line…

Bitcoin Miners Go Silent As Price Falls

Despite being pummeled by bears, the Bitcoin mining community is channeling its inner Rocky Balboa for the final fight with Drago. Bitcoin price volatility and squeezed profit margins were a one-two punch to miners in November, with the…

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