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ERC20 Tokens Fly While Ether Languishes

It is still too easy to see the cryptocurrency market has a single entity. A bull market creates a sea of green, whereas a bear drags all 2,081 tokens into the red. But this is changing. Price movements are diversifying. Even the ERC20…

Joe Crypto: The Market Calls The Shots

We can try and make sense of yesterday’s absolutely brutal market correction, where the bottom fell out of crypto and dragged most of the market with it for a few heart-wrenching hours. The New York Stock Exchange had its worst day for…

Joe Crypto: Is Bitcoin Holding Us All Back?

It’s another muggy, close and humid day on the market as the pressure continues to build, but the crypto world is being physically restrained right now as Bitcoin wrestles with resistance points ranging from $6,500 to $7,000. Until…

Joe Crypto: Noah Welcomes A Flood Of Investors

Well today has been a flat day on the cryptocurrency market yet again, in fact it’s starting to feel more like the old-school stock exchange this past week. Much of the volatility has died down and most coins are moving in increments, which…

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