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Covering cryptocurrency security mechanisms and blockchain security solutions across hardware and software.

Unikeys Launches Biometric Crypto Card

Unikeys has unveiled a biometric cryptocurrency card that you can verify each transaction with your biometric data. It's a huge step in the battle against fraud and could be rolled out across the industry before too long. The company is…

ICBM: Illegal Cryptojacking Bitcoin Miners

Several nuclear scientists working at the Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov, Russia have been arrested for attempting to use the facility’s supercomputer to mine bitcoin, a process known as 'cryptojacking'. The BBC reports the Federal Nuclear…

BEE Token Sale A Honeypot For Hackers

The ICO ecosystem has been rocked by a large scale phishing attack in which investors eager to participate in promising home sharing startup BEE Token’s crowdsale were duped out of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Ethereum.In…

Oh Shit! The Lost Bitcoins Problem

They are the stuff of nightmares. If you don't already know this one simple truth about lost bitcoins, now is a great time to learn it - once they're gone, they're pretty much gone for good.For many, that's a dealbreaker. If it wasn't…

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