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Covering cryptocurrency security mechanisms and blockchain security solutions across hardware and software.

NANO Cryptocurrency Passes Security Audit

An independent security review has found “no critical vulnerabilities” in the node software for the Nano cryptocurrency. Red4Sec, a cybersecurity firm, was enlisted by the Nano Foundation to conduct a thorough audit of currency's…

Ditch Ethereum At Your Own Peril: DApp Founder

Ethereum (ETH) has had bad press lately. Erstwhile Ethereum dApps are moving onto other networks; prices are at rock bottom. At a conference not too long ago, one cryptocurrency trader described ether tokens as "practically dogshit."  But…

Nano Investor Abandons Lawsuit

An attempted class-action lawsuit against the creators of Nano has been dismissed with prejudice, after the lead plaintiff withdrew his complaint. Investor Alex Brola attempted to launch the suit against the cryptocurrency’s creators on…

McAfee 2020: Make America HODL Again

John McAfee has revealed more details of his upcoming Presidential campaign, but even he says the American public would be insane to vote him in to office. Some people said the same about Donald Trump, though, so anything is possible.…

Unikeys Launches Biometric Crypto Card

Unikeys has unveiled a biometric cryptocurrency card that you can verify each transaction with your biometric data. It's a huge step in the battle against fraud and could be rolled out across the industry before too long. The company is…

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